16 Easy Ways To Fix Xbox Controller Not Working On Computer

Matching the power of a computer with the asset of an Xbox controller is a pleasure. Theoretically, Xbox controllers need to link to a Windows computer uncreative. Microsoft desires you to play on either console.

But, in some cases it does not function as a result of factors, like issues with your USB ports, the controller’s USB ports, out-of-date or absent vehicle drivers, damaged Windows computer registry, anti-virus concerns, or harmed cords.

Why Doesn’t My Xbox Controller Work on My Computer?

xbox controllers
Fixing your Xbox controller for your computer can be very easy.

You might discover either troubles. Wired controller individuals might see the computer system does not acknowledge the USB link; the option is upgrading the USB vehicle drivers or just making use of an additional port.

The 2nd concern refers to cordless controllers They will certainly fall short to sync to your Windows computer when something is wrong. There are different remedies, yet one of the most typical ones are upgrading the controller’s firmware and also resyncing.

  • Issue 1: “USB Device Not Recognized” (Wired Controller)

    When a wired Xbox controller does not deal with a COMPUTER, your Windows might toss the “USB Device Not Recognized” message. It might not claim anything while not identifying the USB link.

    If your computer does not identify your controller’s plug, there’re might be issues with your computer system’s USB ports.

    So, currently allow’s consider the 16 very easy services to repair your Xbox controller for your computer.

  • Issue 2: Xbox Controller Is Blinking (Wireless)

    If your cordless Xbox Controller is blinking or blinking, it suggests it’s not coupling correctly with the computer.

    Please begin by upgrading your controller’s firmware as well as your Windows for either option.

How to Fix Xbox Controller Not Working on Computer

Update Your USB Drivers Manually

The most typical problem is obsolete motorists. It’s a typical reason that clarifies why your computer falls short to identify the Xbox USB plug or any kind of various other plug.

You might consider this is the reason if you’re attempting various other tools fruitless. You might attach your mobile phone, outside storage space, a key-board, or a computer mouse to see if it’s functioning.

To upgrade your USB vehicle drivers:

  1. Type “ Device Manager” on the Windows search tab. Open Up the Device Manager food selection.
  2. Search for the “ Human Interface Devices” sub-menu.
  3. Right click every “ USB Input Device” choice, as well as pick “ Update Drivers.
  4. Use the automated choice. If Windows can not locate any kind of, make use of the Windows Update alternative. update windows usb drivers

Update Your USB Drivers Automatically

There are numerous devices efficient in upgrading your computer’s vehicle drivers much better than Windows Update.

We suggest Driver Booster, which uses a cost-free test for a fast review:

  1. Download Driver Booster completely free from the main web page.
  2. Install the program.
  3. Press “ Scan
  4. The cost-free variation permits you to upgrade most vehicle drivers, however others call for getting a permit.
Driver Booster

Update the Xbox Controller Driver Manually

The concern might not be your computer system. As I stated, you need to evaluate with various other USB wires prior to determining the offender.

Another alternative might be that the Xbox controller chauffeurs are damaged or missing out on. You can attempt to upgrade these chauffeurs by hand with the Device Manager.

  1. Plug your Xbox controller right into the computer.
  2. Type Device Manager on the Windows Search Bar. Open up the food selection.
  3. Expand “ Microsoft Xbox One Controller.” Right-click on the product as well as press “ Update Driver Software
  4. Choose the automated choice. Update Xbox Controller Driver

If the issue continues, right here’re extra actions:

  1. Instead of selecting the automated motorist upgrade choice, pick “ Let me choose from a checklist of gadget chauffeurs on my computer system
  2. Select “ Microsoft Xbox One Controller,” and also click following. update xbox driver manually

Run a Restoration Tool

Some solutions are difficult to deal with as every computer setup is various. Specifically, Windows data might be missing out on or damaged, suggesting your system can be partly damaged.

We suggest running a reconstruction device if you’re discovering usual problems with exterior tools, installments, accidents, and also comparable. You can set up Restoro, which supplies a cost-free certificate.

restoro app
Restoro’s totally free variation permits you to repair one concern each time as opposed to mass activities.

Turn-off Anti-virus and also Re-install Xbox Controller Drivers

In uncommon situations, the anti-viruses might be disrupting your drives. You might shut off the program as well as re-install the vehicle driver. If your safety software application is triggering way too much problem, you might uninstall it and also keep up the default Windows Security option up until you acquire a brand-new one.

Either method, after you disable your anti-viruses, adhere to these actions:

  1. Open Device Manager once more. You can do it swiftly by pushing Windows Key + X, and after that clicking Device Manager.
  2. Find your Xbox One controller Right-click the thing, and after that pick Uninstall Device.
  3. Confirm and also uninstall.
  4. Afterward, click the Scan for Hardware Changes symbol Windows must trigger a brand-new chauffeur set up.
Scan hardware changes
The check switch must re-install your missing out on vehicle drivers.

Unplug as well as Plug the Cable Again

If all else falls short, probably you can turn to the evident. T ry eliminating the USB cable television and afterwards connecting the controller once more right into a various port. If you have a COMPUTER, connect it on the Motherboard’s ports at the back.

pc does not recognize xbox controller usb
Start with the very easy services prior to carrying on.

Try Another Cable

The last noticeable alternative would certainly be exchanging the cable television, ideally. USB cable televisions do not last for life, so you might attempt a various one to see if it resolves the trouble.

Update Windows

Our last shot to deal with wired Xbox controllers is merely by upgrading Windows. In some cases, the “ USB tool not identified” indicates the gadget isn’t working with a certain port.

The option is either attempting an additional port or upgrading Windows to its newest variation. Commonly, an upgrade pack packages USB renovations that will certainly enable your computer to deal with your Xbox devices.

Here’re the actions to upgrade Windows:

  1. Press the Windows Key + I
  2. Select “ Update & Security
  3. Check the panel on the right to see offered updates to download and install or if you require to reactivate to set up updates.update windows

Update Your Xbox Controller’s Firmware With the Console

June 2015 onwards Xbox Wireless controller version got call updates. If the controller has a rounded 3.5 mm port near the bottom, you can upgrade it wirelessly.

We’re thinking you require to upgrade it with the console. Comply with these actions:

  1. Connect your stereo headset adapter to your controller if you desire it to upgrade.
  2. Power up your Xbox controller by pushing the Xbox switch. Pair it to the console Attach it with the 3.5 mm USB cord.
  3. Select Profile & System/Setting Click on Devices & steaming/Accessories. Select the controller you’re upgrading.
  4. Press “ Device Info” as well as select “ Firmware Version” Click “ Update Now
  5. If you plug-in the Xbox controller, the firmware upgrade might show up immediately.update controller with console

Update Your Xbox Controller’s Firmware With Windows 10

If you do not have a console, you can likewise repair the Xbox controller by upgrading its firmware with Windows10 Comply with these actions:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store as well as obtain the Xbox Accessories application.xbox accesroeis app
  2. Connect your Xbox controller to your computer with the USB wire. Or else, you can utilize the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows (guidelines listed below).
  3. Open the Xbox Accessories application. It will certainly motivate an “ Update Required” message if required. Allow it upgrade, as well as shut it after it ends up.

Naturally, if you locate your computer can not acknowledge your Xbox’s USB cord, adhere to the Issue 1 actions.

Use a Windows Wireless Xbox Adapter

To take care of the Xbox controller blinking on computer, you can attempt obtaining the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

This tiny gadget you can link into a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port on your Windows computer system. After you attach it, it will certainly set up instantly. The vehicle drivers are currently integrated in your Windows 7, 8, 10, or11

These are the actions:

  1. Plugin the adapter right into a USB port.
  2. For Windows 7,8, 10 and also 11, await regarding a min up until it mounts the chauffeurs.
  3. Turn on your controller by pushing as well as holding the Xbox switch. The Xbox switch will certainly blink.
  4. Press both switch on the Wireless Adapter.
  5. Press both switch on your controller. When the switch remains lit, you have actually linked the controller.
Xbox wireless controller adapter
You can match even more controllers by complying with the exact same actions.

Pair the Wireless Xbox Controller Again

Your computer system might currently have the Xbox controller motorists. Intend you’re utilizing an Xbox Wireless controller on your console after utilizing it on a COMPUTER. Because situation, you require to re-sync the controller The guideline coincides both methods.

So, allow’s adhere to these actions to link a cordless Xbox controller to your Windows computer system. We additionally advise fixing the controller as a basic procedure to deal with Xbox controllers on computer.

  1. Turn on the computer as well as check in.
  2. Press the Xbox switch for 3 secs to switch on the controller. Later, the switch will certainly start blinking.
  3. Press as well as hold both switch on top of the controller. The light will certainly blink quickly as your controller is looking for the computer.
  4. Press the Start switch on your computer. Most likely to Settings/Devices On Windows 11, it would certainly be Settings/Bluetooth & Devices.
  5. Select the “ Add Bluetooth” alternative (” Add Device” on Windows 11). Press “ Everything else“.Select everything else
  6. Choose the Xbox Wireless Controller or the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller on the listing. When it attaches, the Xbox switch will certainly light continuously.

Re-connect Your Xbox Controller by Bluetooth

You might additionally attach your Xbox command to your Windows Computer through Bluetooth.

The procedure resembles linking wirelessly, however the performance is various. You would certainly recognize an Xbox controller has Bluetooth since the plastic around the Xbox switch is component of the controller’s front. On controllers without Bluetooth, the plastic goes to the top.

Also, the Bluetooth link in between the Xbox controller and also Windows 10 calls for the current Anniversary Update

Setting that apart, below’re the actions:

  1. Update your Xbox controller if required.
  2. Remove accessories like headsets. These do not function by means of Bluetooth.
  3. Connect just one controller each time.
  4. Turn on your Xbox controller by pushing the center switch.
  5. Press both switch till it blinks swiftly.
  6. Press the beginning switch on your computer. Kind “ Bluetooth” as well as click “ Bluetooth & various other gadgets.” On Windows 11, it would certainly be “ Bluetooth & tools
  7. Press the “ Add Bluetooth or various other tools” (” Add Device” on Windows 11).
  8. Press “ Bluetooth” (not “Everything Else,” like in the past).Add bluetooth device
  9. Select your Xbox controller.

Troubleshoot Your computer’s Bluetooth

If your Bluetooth isn’t functioning, you might attempt to run the troubleshooter so Windows can deal with the USB motorists as well as plugs. Right here are the actions:

  1. Press the Windows Key + I It opens up the Settings application.
  2. Go to “ Update & Security.
  3. Select “ Troubleshoot” on the left-hand panel. Press “Additional troubleshooters” on the.
  4. Press “ Bluetooth” as well as allow the wizard run.troubleshoot bluetooth

Change the Batteries

After you’ve attempted the intricate options, you might likewise attempt transforming the batteries of your controller. You might bill it back.

Try Using a Cable Instead

Lastly, you can attempt attaching your Xbox controller with a wire as opposed to Bluetooth or wirelessly.

Related Questions

How Many Xbox Wireless Controllers Can I Connect?

With Windows’ cordless link chauffeurs, you can connect 8 Xbox cordless controllers. You can connect 5 cordless controllers with a headset connected; just 2 Xbox controllers with stereo headsets can connect right into your computer system.

Can the Xbox Controller Connect through Bluetooth?

Yes. An Xbox Wireless Controller can link to Windows PCs, tablet computers, laptop computers, virtual reality headsets, AR headsets, iphone, Android, and also macOS. Apple gadgets are tougher to combine.

Can an Xbox Series Controller Connect to Mac Os or Ios?

Compatibility in between the most recent Xbox controllers and also Apple gadgets is still not offered.

Are Xbox Series Controllers Any Different?

Connecting the Xbox Series controllers attach by means of the very same actions I described above.

However, these things have an alternative to change in between Xbox console as well as Windows computer pairing. In addition, it can transform in between Bluetooth and also cordless link quickly.

So, if you link the controller using Bluetooth, double-press both switch. It will certainly switch over to its last Xbox cordless link. The procedure coincides the other way around. If it does not discover a brand-new gadget, it will certainly remain linked to Bluetooth.