What Is Overdrive On A Monitor? Just how To Use It

If you desire crispier relocating videos/images, or if you ever before see some ghosting impact show up on your screen, you may wish to change your overdrive setups.

So, just what does the overdrive setup do to your screen? Just stating, this setup transforms the price at which a pixel alters its shade.

Now, allow’s get involved in what overdrive is and also what it carries out in information.

What is Overdrive on a Monitor

Enabling or disabling overdrive on a screen readjusts just how much ghosting impact you see on your screen. Prior to we obtain right into overdrive setups, you require to understand concerning ghosting as well as inverted ghosting.

Ghosting Effect on A Monitor

In order to show a photo, the screen brighten each pixel to a various shade according to the photo itself. When a screen plays a video clip, the shade in these pixels requires to alter according to the video clip.

However, on some screens, the shade of these pixels does not alter immediately. When you have a thing, such as the computer mouse arrow, on a display action, you will certainly see a tiny route behind a fast-moving product.

For instance, mean you have a things on a screen relocating at a broadband with a black history. In one structure, a specific collection of pixels illuminate to show this things. When this item steps, the equivalent pixels illuminate.

Now, the formerly lit pixel requires to alter its shade to the history shade. It can not do so immediately as well as takes some quantity of time. This steady modification in a pixel’s shade leaves a route of faintly lit pixels behind the real item, which appears like the high-speed relocating things itself.


This sensation is called ghosting or ghosting artefact on a screen. You can specifically see this take place when you run a hectic video game.

The action time of a screen is among the significant aspects that inform us whether a screen shows a ghosting impact.

Let’s take into consideration a 60 Hz display. This display rejuvenates a picture 60 times per secondly. Mathematically, there are 16.67 nanoseconds in between 2 refresh cycles. Suggesting that a pixel has to transform shade in much less than 16.67 nanoseconds.

  • For a 144 Hz display, the time in between frameworks is 6.64 ms
  • For a 240 Hz screen, the time in between frameworks is 4.17 ms
  • For a 360 Hz display, the time in between structures is 2.78 ms

If a pixel’s feedback time surpasses this restriction, the things on the display leaves a noticeable path behind its sides.

To reduce ghosting on any type of things on a display, we allow the overdrive function on a display.

Overdrive on a Monitor

We activate the overdrive readying to eliminate the route left by a fast-moving things on a display. Making it possible for overdrive minimizes the pixel change time.

A decrease in pixel shift time transforms the price at which a pixel alters its shade. When we allow the overdrive, it does not allow a pixel faintly alter shade. It does this nearly quickly. This will certainly minimize the light path of a things, and also for this reason, decreases the ghosting impact.

Accessing Overdrive Setting on a Monitor

To access the overdrive setups on your display, open its On-Screen Display food selection. You can open them by pushing the switch on either of the sides. Browse the OSD utilizing claimed switches as well as look for overdrive setups.

overdrive settings on acer monitor
Settings for Acer Predator X34 Monitor

Depending on the maker, your screen will certainly have various names that suggest overdrive setups. Look for setups called Rampage Response, OD, Overdrive, Response Time, TraceFree.

What is the most effective Overdrive Setting

Once you discover the overdrive setup on your display, established it to regular or tool. If there are numbers to establish overdrive degree, 50 would certainly be best. Establishing Overdrive to mid arrays lowers the ghosting route on your screen without triggering inverted ghosting.

If you can not locate overdrive setups on your display, it can be that it does not have these setups. Please examine your screen’s information to see if your display has an overdrive setup.

What Are the Disadvantages to Enabling Overdrive Settings

Although allowing overdrive setups is a terrific means to decrease ghosting on a screen, it has some disadvantages. Without more hold-up, allow us review a few of those.

Increase Input Lag


If you have an older screen, the formula that runs overdrive can create some quantity of input lag on your computer. Input lag typically happens when there is some quantity of hold-up in presenting structures sent out from the GPU to your screen.

Fortunately, contemporary display makers have a workaround to this concern. You will not most likely have any kind of input lag troubles.

Inverse ghosting

inverse ghosting

As talked about over, overdrive raises a pixel’s change time, however if done to the severe, this adjustment can surpass what the target shade is expected to be. This leads to an intense halo around the relocating things.

Ghosting as well as Inverse Ghosting, generally, do not influence gameplay or FPS (Frames Per Second). It is, nonetheless, an unattractive aesthetic problem that could eliminate you from the video game’s immersion.

How to Check If Your Monitor Has Ghosting

There are several websites online that assist you to inspect if the screen has ghosting or inverted ghosting. Testufo has a remarkable activity examination that you can make use of to establish whether your screen endures from ghosting.

Once you open up the site, wait a couple of secs for the website to get used to your display’s refresh price.


On the website, you can see 3 straight areas with UFOs that go from left to. Examine the center area. If your display has a greater action time, you will certainly see a little path behind a UFO’s sides.

A reduced path suggests your screen has excellent pixel reaction time or pixel shift time.

Is Overdrive Necessary?

If you run a 240 Hz display and also its pixels take longer than 6.94 ms (time in between frameworks), you will certainly obtain a ghosting result on your display. This is far more typical in screens with a greater refresh price.

So, Overdrive is definitely needed if you make use of a display with a refresh price of 144 Hz or greater.

Is Enabling Overdrive Good For the Monitor?

Enabling overdrive minimizes ghosting, providing you a crispier relocating things on a display. If you establish overdrive to the severe, it can trigger inverted ghosting or pixel capturing.

Does Overdrive Affect Performance?

Overdrive setups are just easily accessible with the screen, which implies that GPU, CPU, or RAM are not associated with this procedure. We can wrap up that overdrive does not impact your system’s efficiency as long as you establish it to tool.

However, on older screens, if you establish overdrive setups to severe or high, you will certainly see a tiny hold-up in between video clip structures being sent out to the display and also the screen presenting the claimed structure.

Furthermore, if you establish overdrive setups to a severe, your display will certainly have an aesthetic defect. This aesthetic trouble is called inverted ghosting,