Overview To Gunslinger Advanced Class In Lost Ark – Build, Engravings, Skill

The Gunner course has several of the most effective subdivisions in Lost Ark to play. They are preferred amongst gamers because of their high damages and also varied strikes. You can select amongst 4 progressed courses of Gunner course which are:

  1. Gunslinger
  2. Artillerist
  3. Deadeye
  4. Sharpshooter

The only women personality amongst these subdivisions is Gunslinger. This overview will certainly review Gunslinger’s toughness as well as weak points together with the builds for both PvP and also PvE components.

Gunslinger Subclass in Lost Ark

Gunslinger Subclass in Lost Ark

The Gunslinger subdivision is just one of the very best courses to pick from yet additionally difficult to dip into the very same time. Gunslinger is one the fastest personality in Lost Ark with a variety of tools in her collection.

Gunslinger has 3 tools, i.e., Dual Pistols, Rifle, and also Shotgun Double handguns provide good damages to adversaries at tool variety, Rifle is for long-range damages, as well as Shotgun is for close battle damages dealing.

You can exchange these tools while in battle according to your requirement. Currently allow’s talk about the statistics of this subdivision and also why it is just one of the difficult personalities in Lost Ark.

Stats of Gunslinger Subclass

As currently discussed, the Gunners course has personalities with great deals of damages And also, Gunslinger is no exemption. The Gunslinger has AoE capabilities to clear great deals of opponents at the same time. She likewise has big ruptured damages

So, you do not need to fret about damages in this subdivision.

This subdivision is just one of the most active progressed courses in Lost Ark. Escaping strikes as well as movement of your personality will certainly be very easy. The strike rate of this subdivision is wonderful. You will certainly be striking opponents quick and also with high damages.

As stated previously, the variety you will certainly obtain with this subdivision is significant. If you position on your own much from adversary assaults and also variety, you will certainly have the ability to harm them without obtaining hurt.

But with high damages, activity rate, as well as assault rate you will certainly obtain extremely reduced protection statistics

This subdivision is extremely squishy. If you can not properly place on your own as well as can not avert assaults you will certainly be an extremely simple target. It likewise does not have guard capability like Artillerist.

You have to obtain made use of to the series of this subdivision so you can correctly place on your own. You need to have a fast response to escape assaults. You can exchange 3 tools yet you require the Identity scale for this so you require to keep an eye out for it as well.

These are the factors this subdivision can be tough for you. Currently, allow’s checklist the Pros and also Cons of this subdivision.

Pros and also Cons of Gunslinger Subclass

No subdivisions in Lost Ark are ideal. You should jeopardize some statistics to obtain various other statistics you long for. These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Gunslinger subdivision:


  • High Movement Speed as well as Agility
  • AoE strikes and also substantial ruptured damages
  • Long Range
  • Three various tools for various variety and also damages
  • Great Attack Speed


  • Difficult to bet brand-new gamers
  • Getting utilized to placing and also tool swap can require time
  • Great Attack Speed

This course is respectable for both PvE as well as PvP We can not claim PvP is much better or PvE is much better. Playing this subdivision, you can have a fantastic time in both of the components.

If you have no worry with the cons/weaknesses of this subdivision, this subdivision is excellent to have fun with as well as you will certainly never ever recall after playing this subdivision.

Skills of Gunslinger

Skills of Gunslinger 

As there are 3 tools in this subdivision, there are abilities connected with all 3 tools. There are 21 regular abilities as well as 2 Ultimate/Awakening Skills for this subdivision.

Equipping abilities can be complicated in this subdivision. As you change in between tools, you can not utilize the abilities suggested for one more tool. You require to furnish abilities for a particular tool.

For Pistols, you can gear up 8 abilities and also for both Rifle as well as Shotgun, you can gear up 4 abilities each.

Like various other subdivisions, just one stiring up ability can be furnished.

Normal Skills

Here is the checklist of typical abilities for Gunslinger.

Name Level Required Cooldown
Quick Step (Pistol) 10 6 secs
Hour of Judgment (Shotgun) 10 30 secs
Spiral Flame (Rifle) 10 27 secs
Meteor Stream (Pistol) 10 20 secs
AT02 Grenade (Pistol) 10 6 secs
Plasma Bullet (Pistol) 10 8 secs
Spiral Tracker (Pistol) 10 8 secs
Somersault Shot (Pistol) 10 9 secs
Equilibrium (Pistol) 12 16 secs
Shotgun Rapid Fire (Shotgun) 14 36 secs
Catastrophe (Rifle) 16 24 secs
Death Fire (Pistol) 18 24 secs
Last Request (Shotgun) 20 36 secs
Perfect Shot (Rifle) 20 30 secs
Dexterous Shot (Pistol) 22 6 secs
Peacekeeper (Pistol) 26 12 secs
Dual Buckshot (Shotgun) 28 30 secs
Focused Shot (Rifle) 32 27 secs
Bullet Rain (Pistol) 36 22 secs
Sharpshooter (Skill) (Shotgun) 40 30 secs
Target Down (Rifle) 50 36 secs

Awakening Skills

These are the awakening abilities for this subdivision.

Level Skill Name Cooldown (secs)
50 Eye of Twilight 300
50 High-Caliber HE Bullet 300

Identity Skills

Identity Skills

This subdivision does not have any type of type of Identity Skill. You can state that this course identification ability is Switching Weapons. You will certainly see 3 tools amongst your abilities near the bottom.

But there is a cooldown for the tools abilities. If all abilities are in cooldown, you can not utilize the tool. You have to maintain that in mind. Aside from this, there is absolutely nothing even more to it.

Engravings for Gunslinger

Engravings of Gunslinger

As with every subdivision in Lost Ark, there are 2 course inscriptions for this subdivision. These 2 subdivisions will certainly figure out the playstyle of your video game.

These inscriptions will certainly rub any kind of 2 of the tools position ability extremely. Picking any of these inscriptions will certainly place your one tool position ability backwards.

For even more details concerning inscriptions, please examine our Engravings overview of Lost Ark.

The two-class inscriptions are:

  1. Peacemaker
  2. Time to Hunt
Gunslinger Class Engravings

Peacemaker Playstyle

If you pick Peacemaker inscription, your strike rate of Pistols position ability as well as essential price of Shotguns position ability will certainly boost. And also while utilizing Rifle position, your damages will certainly enhance.

In this playstyle, you will certainly be utilizing Shotgun and also Rifle the majority of the moment as their damages is extremely high. Handguns will certainly be made use of when both various other tool abilities remain in cooldown. The called for statistics for this playstyle are Crit, Specialization, as well as Swiftness at a proportion of 60/20/20

Recommended Skills for both PvE and also PvP

In this subdivision, there is no various suggested ability develop for PvE as well as PvP. The complying with ability will certainly make both your materials very easy to take care of.

  1. Quick Step
  2. Target Down
  3. Sharpshooter
  4. Shotgun Rapid Fire
  5. Spiral Tracker
  6. Dexterous Shot
  7. Somersault Shot
  8. Equilibrium
  9. Focused Shot
  10. Peacemaker
  11. Perfect Shot
  12. AT02 Grenade
  13. Last Request
  14. Catastrophe
  15. Bullet Rain
  16. Dual Buckshot
  17. High Caliber HE Bullet

Recommended Engravings

These are the Engravings you require to purchase.

  1. Peacemaker
  2. Grudge
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon
  4. Cursed Doll
  5. Spirit Absorption
  6. Hit Master
  7. Adrenaline

Time to Hunt Playstyle

The Time to Hunt etching boosts your important price for Handgun as well as Rifle abilities. You can not make use of any kind of Shotgun abilities. This makes the video game very easy for you as you will just need to make use of 2 tools.

But the ruptured damages of the Shotgun will certainly not be readily available for you. This playstyle is just for making points very easy for you. The called for statistics for this playstyle are Crit as well as Specialization at a proportion of 55/45

Recommended Skills for both PvE as well as PvP

You ought to gear up these abilities of Pistols as well as Rifle just.

  1. Quick Step
  2. Target Down
  3. Catastrophe
  4. AT02 Grenade
  5. Spiral Tracker
  6. Bullet Rain
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Focused Shot
  9. Peacekeeper
  10. Perfect Shot
  11. Dexterous Shot
  12. Death Fire
  13. High Caliber HE Bullet

Recommended Engravings

These are the Engraving you ought to obtain for Time to Hunt Playstyle:

  1. Time to Hunt
  2. Grudge
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon
  4. Hit Master
  5. Cursed Doll
  6. Adrenaline

So, these are 2 playstyles and also statistics that Gunslinger Advanced Class uses. For PvP, you ought to constantly choose Peacemaker Playstyle. For PvE, you can attempt any of the Playstyles.