Quantity Key Not Working? Attempt These Fixes

We do not recognize it, however the majority of us have our very own collection of key-board practices. While we understand we can alter the quantity with the taskbar, the key-board means appears a little much less facility.

So, if your key-board quantity switch isn’t functioning, maybe a little bothersome. There’s an easy service to this small trouble.

If none of the tricks on your key-board are functioning after that this might be an equipment problem. If it’s simply the quantity trick that’s revealing the problem, after that it can be a problem in the vehicle driver, home windows solutions, or system data

As this is an usual reoccuring concern for computer individuals, we have actually assembled a checklist of services that will certainly cover all feasible root causes of the quantity tricks not functioning. Attempt every one as well as see if it benefits you.

Common Causes of Volume Key Not Workings

  • Faults in Keyboard DriverIssues with Human Interface Device Service (home windows solution)
  • System Files associating with Keyboard are corrupt or absent.
  • Function Lock is activated.
  • Third-party software application contravening Keyboard’s input command to the gadget
  • Problems in USB Port (USB key-board Specific)

How to Fix Volume Key Not Working in Windows Computer?

The solutions specified listed below are focused in the direction of fixing key-board mistakes in home windows. These choices must benefit both built-in or outside key-boards.

Start by Restarting the Device

Restarting a tool provides a new beginning to all procedures on the computer. If there were mistakes in the previous session that triggered the quantity essential problem, there is a high opportunity that it may obtain taken care of when the computer launches once again.

We suggest doing this for both home windows, macs. For ones making use of outside key-boards, we recommend connecting it off and afterwards re-plugging it on the USB port after the computer reboots.

Check if the Function Lock is Enabled

When the feature lock gets on, the F1-F12 secrets function. When the feature secret is off, the additional features of the F1-F12 obtain made it possible for.

E.g., When the feature lock is off in an Acer killer helios 300, the F8 can work as a mute choice.

In the majority of PCs, we can transform the feature lock on via a mix of secrets. Some usage FN+S hift or FN+ESC It varies from computer to computer.

There is a possibility that we may have unintentionally pushed a mix of secrets to transform this feature lock on, which quit the feature secrets from enabling their additional feature.

Google the Function lock vital mix for your computer system and also see if the quantity switch functions. There is a possibility that you will not locate a mix that opens the feature lock.

In such circumstances, adhere to the treatment listed below.

Turn Function lock off from BIOS

  1. Press the Windows crucial as well as search/select setups
  2. Under System situated on the left panel, choose recuperation
  3. Find the Recovery area and also choose progressed Startup and also click reboot currently.Advanced startup to reach firmware settings
  4. Your computer will certainly reboot and also reveal you a number of alternatives in recuperation setting; pick to repair.
  5. Select the Advanced choice and also pick UEFI Firmware Settingsuefi-settings
  6. Under UEFI Firmware setups, Select Restart.
  7. Once the BIOS opens up, Use the arrowhead tricks to move as well as pick major.
  8. Find a choice called Function Key actions and also press go into.
  9. You will certainly see a tiny turn up box open with 2 alternatives, pick Multimedia Key and also press get in.Function Key Behavior in BIOS
  10. Use the arrowhead secrets to head to the “departure” area as well as choose leave conserving adjustments.
  11. A pop-up will certainly open up validating the conserving activity; pick yes.

Change FN Key Behavior from Windows Mobility Center

Please note this alternative is not offered on all gadgets (will certainly vary from computer to computer & brand name). If the specified choice appears, transform the habits else comply with the BIOS procedure specified listed below.

  1. Press Windows Key and also search/select control board
  2. Scroll to locate Windows Mobility Center
  3. A pop-up will certainly open up; discover a tailored area with a feature Key row area.
  4. Click on the drop-down and also transform it to the multimedia crucial

Set Human Interface Device to Automatic & Restart Service

The human user interface gadget solution is in charge of allowing us communicate with the Computer with input or result tools. A key-board is an input HID tool.

If there are problems with the HID, sending out input commands to the computer system is endangered, so specific secrets may not operate in this circumstances. This applies for both USB and also integrated key-boards.

To repair this, make certain the start-up kind setups of HID are readied to automated and also reboot the solution.

  1. Press Windows Key, search & choose Services
  2. A pop-up will certainly open up noting all home window solutions, Find Human Interface Device
  3. Right-click on this solution as well as choose residential properties
  4. Under homes > basic, discover an alternative called start-up kind.
  5. Click on the drop-down box, choose Automatic and also click use.human interface device service
  6. If the choice is currently allowed, begin the solution once again Right-click on the HID solution as well as choose all jobs. Under all jobs, pick reboot.

Run Keyboard Troubleshooter

  1. Select the begin switch as well as search/select setups
  2. For Windows 10 customers, most likely to Update & Security as well as choose troubleshooter Click Keyboard and also choose Run the troubleshooter.
  3. For Windows 11 individuals, pick System from the left panel of setups as well as click troubleshoot. Under troubleshoot, choose Other troubleshooters
  4. Find the choice Keyboard detailed under the various other area and also pick run.
  5. Follow the troubleshooter guidelines.

    Windows Troubleshooter for Keyboard

Run System File Checker

System documents mosaic repair service damaged or missing out on system documents in home windows. If any type of damaged system documents are accountable for the problem, the documents mosaic will certainly repair it.

  1. Press the Windows trick and also search cmd.
  2. Right-click on cmd as well as choose run as manager
  3. Once cmd opens up, key in the adhering to command: sfc/ScannowRun sfc scannow command
  4. Let the system check take its program. Reactivate the computer system after the procedure is full and also inspect the quantity secrets.

Uninstall any kind of 3rd party Keyboard Applications

Many customers select third-party key-board software program that can appoint features as well as tailored commands to secrets.

Under regular situations, it’s customers’ option pertaining to software program, however if you deal with quantity tricks not functioning, the application could be contravening the Keyboard’s input.

If you encounter the quantity tricks not functioning, we suggest uninstalling any type of third-party key-board software application and also examining if the problems are settled. We can constantly mount them back in if required later on.

Update or Uninstall/ Reinstall Keyboard Driver

Faults or Glitches in the Keyboard chauffeur might likewise develop problems with tricks not functioning. We advise uninstalling as well as re-installing it.

  1. Press Windows trick + X to open a pop-up box from all-time low of the display, pick tool supervisor.
  2. Find the Keyboard and also increase it to see the running vehicle drivers
  3. Right-click on the motorist, and also pick Uninstall tool

    Keyboard Device Driver
  4. Let the tool reboot
  5. Go back to the very same area in tool supervisor, right-click on the vehicle driver, and also choose upgrade
  6. Once the key-board vehicle driver is uninstalled, right-click on Keyboard once more as well as pick check for equipment modifications

The services mentioned over need to suffice to make the quantity switch job. In the worst-case situation, we advise resetting the home windows.

How to Fix Volume Key Not Working in Mac?

Macbooks are a little scheduled contrasted to home windows. The variety of options might be much less, yet they are very efficient.

Reboot your Mac

We understand it seems like a common service, yet much of the problems obtain taken care of with an easy gadget reboot. There is no damage sustained also if the issue isn’t settled.

Check if the Function Lock is Enabled

  1. Select the apple symbol on the leading left edge of the display and also choose System choices.
  2. Find Keyboard as well as choose it.
  3. A pop-up will certainly open up with Keyboard setups; pick to check off utilize F1, F2, and so on, as basic feature secretsKeyboard Preference in Mac

Update Mac Operating System

When Mac updates its OS, it likewise examines the problem/ variations of the chauffeur & software program as well as updates them. Do not shut off the mac till the upgrade is total A stuck upgrade could develop a lot more concerns.

  1. Select the Apple symbol food selection on the left edge of the display and also click System Preferences
  2. Click on Software Update and also pick upgrade currently or update currently (whichever programs).Mac os update


Resetting these elements is the best repair for the majority of problems in mac. The actions to reset PRAM or NVRAM coincides.

  1. Press as well as hold the complying with vital mix “ Command-Option-P and also R “ secrets instantly when the mac begins or while the tool is rebooting. Mac keyboard
  2. Keep holding it till you listen to 2 apple chimes The reset procedure will certainly begin. Allow the procedure take its training course.
  3. On Macs with the T2 Security Chip, hold the tricks till t he Apple logo design shows up as well as vanishes for the 2nd time.


Try every one of the options over to deal with the Volume Key not functioning concern. If it still does not function, we advise taking the tool to an expert service center. There is an opportunity it may be an equipment problem and also will certainly require expert assistance.