Wilson Blade v8 (16×× 19) testimonial

Wilson Blade v8 (16 ×19) testimonial

The Wilson Blade is thought about among one of the most preferred noises from this leading American brand name so when Tennishead were supplied the opportunity to play examination and also assess the most recent variation we leapt at the possibility.


This 8th variation of the Blade was launched in 2023 with a complete 6 various noise choices in the variety from the 104 inch head of the Blade 104 to the variation we checked, the Blade 98 with the 16 ×19 stringing pattern.

The Blade is undoubtedly targeted at an advanced gamer as well as Wilson make it clear that the very best outcomes will certainly can be found in the hands of top quality round demonstrators.

" This noise really felt strong from the standard as well as despite the fact that it's rigid it really did not really feel as rigid as I would certainly anticipated as well as better than the previous variation of this Blade"


The most noteworthy adjustment for this 8th version of the Blade is the intro of the 'FORTYFIVE' product in the structure which intends to supply 'both adaptability and also security without concession via the swing'. Top of the variety Wilson noises have actually constantly erred in the direction of the tight side of the range so this brand-new modern technology is Wilson's nod in the direction of that gamer responses.

Wilson additionally declare that the sweet-spot is bigger by a brand-new grommet building as well as a conical grasp has actually been set up to make the noise extra comfy for 2 handed backhand gamers.

Also the carbon fiber in the manage has actually been prolonged right to the noise butt in an initiative to supply 'boosted torsion security'.

Watch as our skilled testers check out the Wilson Blade v8 (16 ×19)

The play examination

Testing noises can be to individual point of view so it is very important to keep in mind that not every noise is ideal for every single gamer and also someone's pain can similarly be an additional's happiness. This is why we attempt to check noises with a selection of gamers as well as for the Wilson Blade v8 (16 ×19) we have 3 achieved testers with extremely varying video game designs.

Our Tennishead play testers for this evaluation are:

Julian-- Who is an out and also out cyberpunk (to put it simply he never ever misses out on!), has actually been betting 45 years as well as presently has fun with the Babolat Pure Drive (an older variation).

Sue-- A gamer that sees herself as a 'standard mill with volleying desires', has actually been playing tennis for 30 years as well as presently utilizes a Mantis 300 noise.

Austin-- Who 'suches as to win the factor at the web', has actually been betting 15 years and also presently has fun with the Babolat Pure Drive 2020.

Tsitsipas Wilson Blade v8 Groundstrokes

Austin: "This noise really felt strong from the standard as well as despite the fact that it's rigid it really did not really feel as rigid as I would certainly anticipated as well as better than the previous variation of this Blade."

Julian: "I really felt in control of my groundstrokes with this noise yet, just like all Wilsons, if you struck the round in the centre of the sweet-spot you get concerning 10% power which is a sensation you require to obtain made use of to if you have not had fun with a Wilson prior to."

Sue: "Normally I discover Wilsons fairly rigid just like this Blade yet when I struck the sphere out of the centre the shot really felt excellent with great deals of spin and also fizz."

Volleys as well as hits

Austin: "The Blade really felt good at the web. Since it's fairly rigid I had not been overhitting and also was obtaining great deepness with my batteries particularly when my timing was appropriate as well as I struck the round out of the centre of the string bed. The power for knockouts was a little tougher to develop yet when I handled this it produced a great knockout."

Julian: "I'm generally a constant volleyer however with this Blade you require to obtain the round out of the centre of the noise. If you can accomplish this after that the round goes precisely where you desire it to go. With shatters it's best if you can discover the center of the strings however if you do not discover the center after that the sphere passes away a little on hits. You require to have neat method to obtain an appropriate hit."

Sue: "The Blade really feels hefty in my hand however really that bring about a strong feeling on the batteries and also a crisp shot. On knockouts the weight of the noise really felt hefty as I was planning for the knockout as well as a bit of an initiative once I struck the sphere it was alright."


Austin: "I needed to function actually tough with my legs and also knees to create power on my offers with the Blade. My kick offer really felt great however due to the tighter string pattern it had not been as simple to produce the spin."

Julian: "This Blade aided me create power nevertheless I would certainly require to have fun with it for some time to aid me really feel just how to obtain my spin offer working out. At the beginning the round comes off somewhat level up until you discover to allow go as you obtain utilized to it."

Sue: "I do not produce much spin with my offer typically but also for power this Blade really felt the like I generally attain on my level offer."

Wilson Blade v8 16x19

Would this Wilson match comparable designs of gamer as on your own?

Austin, that suches as to win the factor at the web: "I assume this Blade would certainly fit my design of gamer somehow particularly the batteries as I can strike my places however perhaps on groundstrokes not even I was having a hard time to produce power. If I was functioning hard on my groundstrokes I assume this noise might fit my design."

Julian is a cyberpunk and also never ever misses out on: "Yes this does fit my design as I can obtain the control I require however after that if I can strike the centre of the strings this Blade offers me an included 10% power. Yes I can play with this fairly well (when I obtained made use of to it)."

Sue that is a standard mill with volleying goals: "For somebody my age it really felt rather hefty in my hand so I assume the Blade would certainly match my design of play yet perhaps I require something that really felt a little softer in my hands."

What are your ideas on the layout as well as design of this noise?

Austin: "I actually like the brand-new palette which is much better than the old Blade. The method it transforms colour in the light is actually wonderful and also I'm a huge follower."

Julian: "Two tone! Mods are back! A leading end Wilson noise with this style, I assume it looks fairly wise."

Sue: "It's a little bit boring. It does not make me really feel cheerful!"

Is $229/ ₤245 a reasonable rate for this Wilson?

Austin: "I would certainly more than happy to pay that rate as it's a top of the variety noise."

Julian: "That's a reasonable cost for a leading end Wilson."

Sue: "For a leading noise it's a reasonable cost as it contrasts well with others."

The specs

For a thorough description of each noise dimension requirements listed below have a read of our overview.

Wilson Blade v8 (16 ×19)

R.R.P. = $229/ ₤245 at Wilson.com

Head dimension = 98 sq in

Weight = 305 g

String pattern = 16/19

Length = 27 inches

In final thought after that.

The most evident responses on this brand-new Blade is the top quality of shot it creates when in the hands of a great sphere demonstrator. All our testers were truly satisfied with the outcomes off the ground and also airborne when they struck the sphere swiftly. This could appear an evident remark however various other noises will certainly replace this to provide a far better strike when the round is struck off centre, however not the Blade.

The repay is that the gamer requires to be certain of middling the sphere a lot of the moment unless they are extremely solid and also can take care of a rigid noise that does not supply as much assistance when the strike is off centre. This was highlighted by our women tester Sue that really felt the noise could simply be a little bit way too much effort for her. Wilson do use a Blade v8 98 S which considers 295 grams, has an 18 ×16 string pattern as well as might much better match a gamer like Sue.

Also remember that both the striking tester (Austin) as well as the extra protective minded tester (Julian) really felt that they can play their varying video game designs efficiently with this noise.

Buy this noise ...

Wilson.com is the area to check out to acquire your Blade v8 or any type of various other Wilson noises.

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Wilson Blade v8 (16x19) review.