12 Builder Sim Games Like RimWorld

Story-driven building and construction sim with smart AI systems need to go to the core of video games like RimWorld. Despite the fact that it appears like an old 16- little bit globe, it’s in fact a sophisticated access in the category.

Specifically, Ludeon Studio’s title utilizes an AI author that creates the circulation of your project. It imitates psychology, gunplay, melee, injuries, environment, biomes, ecology, diplomacy, partnerships, medication, profession, art, as well as even more to create tales.

Its systems are frustrating yet still understandable. It might not suffice for you, as well as you desire a lot more. If that’s the situation, we’re right here to assist you discover different video games like RimWorld.

Selecting Games Like RimWorld

selecting games like rimworld

RimWorld mixes building and also monitoring simulation aspects with an AI writer. To recognize what the video game uses, below’re its elements:

  • Genre: RimWorld is a top-down sci-fi swarm monitoring and also building and construction simulator. It has an AI-generated story-driven project.
  • Plot: The video game occurs in a long run, where people establish nests on various other worlds.
  • Setting: You are the project with 3 arbitrary crash-land survivors on an unusual world. Your work is to aid them make it through as well as expand a nest.
  • AI Story Generator: The AI micro-manages several facets of your NPCs, climate, adversaries, as well as even more to develop tales.
  • Narrative-driven emphasis: Even though the narrative itself is randomized, we identified a core component of the experience is its story-driven layout.
  • Gameplay: You inform your homesteaders what to do. That indicates what to build, where to function, what sources to collect, where to go, or that to eliminate.
  • Characters: You can see NPC’s frame of minds with the “state of mind meter.” It incorporates numerous facility as well as fundamental demands (like food, remainder, and also sanctuary).
  • Goal: You need to make sure the survival of the nest. You’ll encounter inner as well as exterior randomized occasions. The problem comes to be gradually harder.
  • Starvation: The key source is food, as hunger plays a huge duty in the video game. The initial section of the video game focuses on discovering trusted food.
  • Random generation: The AI writer will certainly examine the gamer’s circumstance and also select occasions that can take you to one of the most fascinating story.
  • Narrators: There’re different preconfigured AI authors. These change the video game’s tone as well as randomness.
  • Difficulties: There’re likewise 6 problem presets. These affect the regularity and also intensity of arbitrary occasions.
  • Research: Investigating modern technology is a vital component of the video game. As you expand in study, obstacles come to be harder.
  • Scenarios: You can select in between numerous beginning situations. All places are procedurally created.
  • NPCs: The system additionally procedurally created NPCs. These have favorable and also adverse qualities, along with individualities, that impact exactly how the nest goes.
  • Colony development: Growing the swarm implies fighting versus others to catch its inhabitants. You can likewise rescue various other survivors.
  • Victory problem: You win by creating a spacecraf, safeguarding it for fifteen days, as well as getting away the world.
  • Combat: You either protect the nest from intruders or attack various other nests. You put protective frameworks, hide, as well as equip your homesteaders.
  • Mods: You can set up mods by means of the Steam workshop to additionally change the experience.
  • Community: Lastly, the area is very energetic. The title has countless everyday gamers, thousands of mods, as well as energetic designer assistance.

Our team believe video games like RimWorld include a mix or a spin of the aspects over. In addition to the narrative-driven experience, RimWorld is mainly around handling, creating, as well as developing a sci-fi nest. The vital facet linking every one of these components with each other is simulation.

Games Like RimWorld

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included
  • Developer: Klei Entertainment
  • Publisher: Klei Entertainment
  • Release Date: July 2019
  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Oxygen Not Included is not one of the most RimWorld-looking video game on the listing. Regarding swarm administration simulator video games go, it’s 2nd to RimWorld on vapor in regards to appeal as well as ranking. It’s 2D, totally underground, as well as unforgivingly penalizing as well as unfortunate

See, your objective is assisting a team of homesteaders make it through on their below ground planet base. Every little thing is under your control, from sources to excavation and also building. This opens numerous auto mechanics, essentials layer upon an additional, needs to make the base run.

For instance, obtaining food needs plants, plants require a greenhouse, a greenhouse requires a cooling system, a cooling system requires power, a power system requires gas, gas requires water, and so on. Absolutely nothing functions independently or by taking sources from a swimming pool. It’s rather immersive and also instead facility.

Opo top of that, your survivors undergo psychological as well as mental states. They require recreation, enjoyable tasks, holiday accommodation, and also standard demands to be pleased and also effective. There’re likewise thermodynamics, gas, fluid, and also power grid simulations to master.

Lastly, the vital source is oxygen, and also both air and also oxygen step with the base in real-time. Your major objective is to build interlacing pipelines providing gas as well as oxygen to essential locations in the base.

The video game will certainly compensate you for cautious preparation as well as penalize you for negligent improvisation.

Dwarf Fortress (brand-new Steam variation)

  • Developer: : Bay 12 Games
  • Publisher: Kitfox Games
  • Release Date: “Planned Release Date: time is subjective”/ August 2006 (initial)
  • Platform: Windows, macOS

The brand-new Dwarf Fortress variation is including a 16- little bit, top-down visual user interface The older as well as famous simulator is a text-based experience. The title is not offered. It’s just noted on Steam

Even so, Dwart Fortress is RimWorld’s initial motivation. It’ 0s one of the most extensive and also intricate monitoring simulator in experience, with even more systems than we can count. You handle a swarm of overshadows as they make rock towns as well as citadels below a hill as well as right into the wild.

Like RimWorld, an AI produces every little thing worldwide. That consists of the whole background, increase, as well as autumn of various other people. It likewise has animals, societies, as well as NPCs, also to the body organs as well as skin of your personalities.

You’ll encounter the continuous hazard of malnourishment, arbitrary occasions, and also numerous narrative courses as you play the video game. It progresses according to what the system determines and also what you carry out in the face of appetite, insanity, dragons, as well as various other opponents.

The basic tone is additionally depressing. Primarily, your world will certainly increase and also eventually autumn -the programmers state “shedding is enjoyable.” The trip will certainly constantly be various. There’s fight, which consists of abilities, product residential or commercial properties, body components, intended assaults, and so on

Going Medieval

going medieval
  • Developer: Froxy Voxel, Gramophone Games
  • Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
  • Release Date: June 2023 (Early Access)
  • Platform: Windows, Linux

Going Medieval is a future Early Access video game, just readily available on Steam. It mixes swarm structure, survival technicians, and also NPC micro-manage with a Dark Age middle ages setup. Unlike Rimworld, it utilizes a 3D animation design.

You’re arising from the disorder of a fatal afflict that erased the majority of the populace. Your objective is to develop a citadel throughout the wild to make sure survivors’ future. The primary worry is obtaining food for the survivors, so they do not deprive.

Your homesteaders require. To develop your town systems, you need to acquire stable food, water, and also sanctuary products. At the very same time, you should safeguard the swarm from outlaws, pets, as well as various other threats in a criminal middle ages globe.

Building a citadel goes from tiny wood hoods to gigantic rock castles. You make use of 3D surface devices to develop your fortress. It’s needed to safeguard from procedurally created occasions, opponents, and also risks.

Lastly, the player’s system likewise randomizes the survivors. They feature various attributes, benefits, and also characters that distinctively affect the nest. In addition, your citizens’ moods differ according to their fundamental as well as complicated requirements.

Medieval Dynasty

medieval dynasty
  • Developer: Render Cube
  • Publisher: Toplitz Productions
  • Release Date: September 2023
  • Platform: Windows

Medieval Dynasty is a first-person open-world middle ages RPG video game survival, monitoring, as well as city-building are component of its primary auto mechanics. It’s likewise a trending as well as immersive title.

You’re a pleb in the center Ages, as well as you left from battle. You play with a rags-to-riches tale as you can expand a neighborhood, become its leader, as well as develop an effective empire.

The gameplay focuses on 2 technicians. The very first one is openly checking out the globe to quest, collect sources, battle, as well as finish the primary pursuits. The 2nd auto mechanic is crafting tools as well as developing a base.

Your base is required to endure wintertimes, bears, wolves, and also arbitrary occasions. You require to consume to endure, and also the video game urges you to ranch to maintain a constant supply of fools. And also as various other NPCs transfer to your city, you will certainly require to increase your region.

Additionally, you can craft lots of tools, armors, and also devices. You can develop residences, ranches, stables, towers, and also all kinds of structures to expand your town. You can additionally wed, have youngsters, make partnerships, and also profession.

The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter
  • Developer: Miju Games
  • Publisher: Miju Games
  • Release Date: July 2023 (Early Access)
  • Platform: Windows

Planet Crafter is a first-person area survival as well as crafting video game with an established open globe There’re no arbitrary occasions as well as no step-by-step generation. Rather, it’s a chosen map supplying a huge sandbox experience

Still, your work is changing the environment of an aggressive unusual earth. By constructing the appropriate frameworks and also gathering the sources you require, you can make it comfortable for human beings.

The gameplay focuses on checking out the earth to accumulate sources. Utilizing these sources to craft devices, develop frameworks, as well as study innovations.

Your structures either develop oxygen, warmth, or atmospheric pressure. You require to stabilize these 3 sources to make a human-like biosphere. At the very same time, your personality handles thirst, temperature level, wellness, as well as oxygen.

Planet Crafter is likewise an Early Access video game. That stated, its systems are cool as well as well-executed. For these factors, it has actually turned into one of one of the most preferred video games in the category on Steam.

First Feudal

  • Developer: Harpoon Games, Holistic Games
  • Publisher: Harpoon Games, Holistic Games, Gamera Game
  • Release Date: April 2023
  • Platform: Windows

First Feudal is a top-down swarm as well as city-building simulator with a middle ages setup. The gameplay functions like Rimworld, as it focuses on informing your citizens what to do.

On top of that, you can additionally develop w doors, wall surfaces, floorings, and also roofing systems to produce lots of frameworks. It functions extra like an RPG video game, as y ou control a personality that constructs up the community and also leads the various other personalities.

The gameplay is slower, also clunkier, since you’re not a God or a movie director. Still, First Feudal simplifies the experience by providing consistent tower protection sectors. You would certainly need to put your protective frameworks effectively to endure opponent crowds.

Other than that, you’ll handle peasants, create framework, and also make a comfy negotiation. New inhabitants will certainly transfer to your town if it’s a wonderful location to live. Outlaws, wolves, and also bears will certainly assault your city if there’s food as well as prizes to discover.

Lastly, various other technicians consist of trading, farming, periods, and also, most significantly, arbitrary occasions You can experience the entire experience alone or multiplayer with as much as 6 gamers online.

Amazing Cultivation Generator

  • Developer: GSQ Games
  • Publisher: Gamera Game
  • Release Date: November 2020
  • Platform: Windows

Amazing Cultivation Simulator is a survival nest monitoring and also base structure simulator It has an Asian setup, sensational components, and also a top-down 16- little bit point of view.

The video game focuses on pupils you hire as well as equal sects your loss on a lengthy mission. The story focuses on spiritual farming routines to sculpt the course in the direction of eternal life. Such a setup supplies a farming simulator with Chinese Buddhist as well as Taoist folklore.

You play as the Grandmaster, as well as your task is to broaden your domain name with national politics as well as business. Technicians consist of structure, growth, education and learning, business, research study, antiques, and also farming.

You’ll additionally deal with satanic forces and also various other wickedness as you play the project. At the exact same time, you need to maintain the equilibrium in between excellent as well as bad in your realm. Equilibrium relies upon regulations, wonders, antiques, amulets, as well as various other products and also structures to produce, craft, or discover.

Lastly, programmer assistance is fantastic. A loads cost-free updates are including various other systems. These consist of things like stiring up powers of pet dog training. The present series of experiences within the video game is larger than any kind of various other on the listing.


  • Developer: 11 little bit workshops
  • Publisher: 11 little bit workshops
  • Release Date: April 2018
  • Platform: Windows, macOS, iphone, PS4, Xbox One, Android

Frostpunk is a culture survival and also monitoring video game. You’re on an alternative and also dystopic Earth, and also your task is handling residents and also facilities to make sure survival.

The major source is home heating, as you play in remote, icy areas. The whole globe is iced up, and also your hopes of survival are steam-powered equipment and also study to make it through the cold.

Your job is to develop, take care of, as well as advance the last city in the world It calls for mini as well as macro-managing sources for your neighborhood. You can likewise check out the wild for development and also sources and also study brand-new innovations to boost your city as well as systems.

Then, you manage culture by making regulations. These legislations choose the functioning hrs, health care, food stipulation, and also numerous essential facets of your person’s life. The objective is to stabilize hope, convenience, precepts, as well as hard survival.

You need to choose that identify the destiny of your culture as well as the sort of regulation you have. These have repercussions, both in the tale as well as exactly how your people act and also sustain you.


  • Developer: Polymorph Games
  • Publisher: Polymorph Games
  • Release Date: February 2019 (Early Access)
  • Platform: Windows

Foundation is a stress-free middle ages city structure and also monitoring simulator. It concentrates on natural town advancement, source administration, and also monolith building and construction. That stated, it consists of substantial mod assistance to customize the experience.

You play as a brand-new lord or girl of a tiny town. You have the objective of progressing your lands as you picture. The programmers call the experience “natural city-building.” That’s due to the fact that there’s no grid, so you’re totally free to establish a straight as well as upright city at all, form, as well as kind.

Still, the emphasis gets on source administration and also an expanding populace. There’re narrative occasions, missions, and also tests throughout the kingdom. The structure includes free-form designs, as well as you can develop points like churches, pubs, as well as maintains.

Gameplay begins with basic offices as well as storage space centers. From there, you need to develop numerous city systems like profession paths. At some point, the win problem focuses on setting up impressive monoliths.

Lastly, the video game consists of an intricate internet of NPC communications and also requirements. It relies on arbitrary resident abilities, source schedule, removal, manufacturing, as well as similñar. As the mayor, you likewise expand your credibility, additional affecting gameplay.

Pharaoh + Cleopatra

Pharaoh + Cleopatra
  • Developer: Impressions Games
  • Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
  • Release Date: October 1999
  • Platform: Windows

Pharaoh + Cleopatra is the offered variation of the 1999 timeless city building contractor, plus its growth. You play in Ancient Egypt and also lead the Arabic world via its Pyramid years. You can develop your degrees with the in-game editor.

As a city building contractor, you control all elements of the realm. That consists of society, faith, trading, structure, economic situation, basic training, battle, farming, and so on. You need to finish53 narrative-driven goals instead than doing it openly.

Across the project, you’ll likewise deal with randomized climate occasions. These consist of floodings, battle, loots, and also the rage of the Gods. The citizens have psychological states. If you maintain citizens miserable, you might lead your city to mayhem.

In certain, your city will certainly expand when it succeeds. New people will certainly relocate to the community when you appropriately stabilize your economic climate as well as systems. Or else, they will certainly vacate or become your adversaries. These systems consist of water, education and learning, safety, roadways, sources, food, monoliths, religious beliefs, and so on

You take care of via generations. That implies there’s an empire system to ensure your Pharaoh’s family endures. There’s dispute in the video game, which needs you to educate citizens, develop ships, and also lead soldiers on the front lines, comparable to RTS video games.


  • Developer: Wube Software
  • Publisher: Wube Software
  • Release Date: August 2020
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, macOS

Factorio is a factory-building video game You construct, study, take care of, and also upgrade automatic 2D manufacturing facilities on enormous procedurally produced globes. The supreme objective is to develop an automated manufacturing facility with the ability of constructing an area rocket.

Like RimWorlds, it utilizes a top-down viewpoint, 16- little bit graphics, and also intricate micro-manage systems. The gameplay is concerning incorporating various components to produce manufacturing facility structures.

These structures additional, transportation, or fine-tune sources. You utilize these sources to study innovation as well as develop protective frameworks. Numerous video game settings modify the success problem, adversary generate, and also globe layout.

The system arbitrarily produces opponent crowds that will certainly assault your manufacturing facilities at various playthrough times. Safeguarding needs having solid sufficient protective frameworks, ammunition manufacturing, as well as ammunition circulation.

Lastly, you can broaden your manufacturing facilities easily and also as high as feasible. Initially, it’s mosting likely to be straightforward, and also sources are mainly trees. In time, the video game expands progressively complicated because of the variety of systems, technology, adversaries, as well as structures.


  • Developer: Mechanistry
  • Publisher: Mechanistry
  • Release Date: September 2023 (Early Access)
  • Platform: Windows

Timberborn is a top-down contemporary city structure video game It leaves out intricate auto mechanics for a structured, less complex, and also less complicated simulator experience. It has numerous problem mods, however we recommend selecting the greater one to play as programmers mean.

Though, beavers are building the city as human beings are “lengthy gone.” You take care of the pets by constructing upright frameworks around rivers and also throughout woodlands. You can play as one of 2 unique beaver intrigues with one-of-a-kind characteristics as well as structures.

The largest auto mechanics are water administration and also water physics. You handle occasions like dry spell, hefty rainfalls, as well as tidy water. These systems urge you to broaden your city purposefully as opposed to as rapid as feasible.

That claimed, you’ll take care of in between 6 as well as 20 beaver-citizens primarily. You can go higher, however stabilizing sources need as well as manufacturing ends up being progressively difficult after the 12 th citizen.

Also, the earth is completely dry, so gameplay depends stockpiling food as well as regulating what’s left of rivers.

Lastly, you can additionally investigate modern technologies designers call “Lumberpunk.” It indicates transforming lumber right into innovative equipment as well as modern technology. Timber constantly continues to be the core source, however end-game material additionally calls for generating steel.