Does HDMI Support 144Hz?

Getting a 144 hz for a gear is a situational circumstance. The inquiry of HDMI sustaining 144 hz itself is insufficient in today’s requirement. The major problem ought to be obtaining the 144 hz revitalize price at certain resolutions.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) modern technology can sustain a 144 hz price rejuvenate at particular resolutions yet under the best problems. All of it depends upon HDMI input, outcome resource, and also the cord that attaches these resources.

If you obtain all 3 elements right, a 144 hz freshen price isn’t that tough to obtain. If any kind of one of these parts does not fulfill specific required problems mentioned listed below, the 144 hz can not be acquired.

It’s a very easy principle once you obtain the sphere rolling. allow us look into these 3 elements. As soon as you master the idea, revitalize prices will not position a trouble.

Connection Between Refresh Rate & Resolution

Before we comprehend the problems which permit a 144 hz freshen price, we require to comprehend what we are attempting to obtain.

Every display screen will certainly have a particular variety of pixels as display screen resolutions. Eg: 1920 *1080 pixels, 1280 *720 p etc.

In more recent display screens, we have choices of obtaining 4K, 5K displays. The refresh price describes the price at which brand-new photos are shown via these pixels in one secondly. We usually see firms promote 4K Tvs at 60 hz. What does this suggest?

This indicates their screen can generate an optimum resolution of 4K (3840 *2160 pixels) where at its peak resolution the display screen can revitalize its pixels 60 times per secondly.

So, the issue isn’t simply obtaining a 144 hz yet comprehending just how much refresh price can be accomplished at various resolutions.

Please keep in mind that the greater the variety of pixels, the more challenging it is to preserve refresh prices.

That is why we see 4k displays promoted to be 60-75 hz. They are attempting to inform as also at a high resolution of 3840 *2160, the display screen can preserve a refresh price of 60 Hz.

So, allow’s state we have a display screen of an Acer killer Helios 300 1660 ti laptop computer. The optimum resolution of this screen is 1920 *1080 which is taken into consideration complete HD. The display screen is a 144 hz display screen.

This indicates that at its optimum resolution; the gadget still can keep a 144 hz revitalize price. If you sign up with an exterior display to this laptop computer with 1920 *1080 pixels resolution as well as 144 hz display screen, the laptop computer will certainly have the ability to keep the refresh price of the screen.

So, is the screen’s capacity to make use of 144 hz sufficient?

If you are making use of a Desktop and even signing up with an exterior screen to your laptop computer for pc gaming, 3 elements enter play.

The input resource (graphics card), Output resource (display screen), as well as the HDMI wire that links these resources all require to collaborate to keep a 144 hz freshen price. If among these elements stops working or isn’t up to requirements, the refresh price will certainly go down.

When does HDMI Support 144 Hz?

Let’s concentrate on each part and also comprehend the problem where the 144 hz rejuvenate price is feasible.

Check Graphics Card and also Port (INPUT SOURCE)

Every graphics card will certainly have a particular variety of result ports that we can link to screens. There will certainly be numerous sorts of ports that we can link to however the majority of them will certainly have an HDMI port.

The point to comprehend is that HDMI ports have variations One of the most present variation today is the HDMI 2.1. If we get a graphics card today, we will most likely obtain ones with either HDMI variation 2.0 or 2.1.

For old laptop computers 5 to 7 years back, they may still make use of HDMI 1.4. We have actually not concentrated on variations previous than 1.4 due to the fact that allow’s encounter it, it’s obsolete and also individuals seldom make use of tools with these ports any longer.

The great information is that all 3 variations of HDMI sustain a 144 HZ revitalize price. The concerns are at what resolution. Allow’s check out the opportunities for these HDMI variations.

  • HDMI 1.4 can sustain a 144 HZ rejuvenate price in 1920 *1080 Any type of resolution over that as well as revitalize prices will certainly go down. Any kind of resolution listed below that, the refresh price assistance may raise.
  • HDMI 2.0 sustains 144 HZ at an enhanced resolution of 2560 *1440 pixels which is likewise called 2K resolution. If you bump the resolution to 4k, the refresh price will certainly go down to 60 Hz. If you minimize the resolution to 1920 *1080, the HDMI 2.0 can sustain a refresh price of greater than 144 Hz (typically around 240 Hz).
  • HDMI 2.1 sustains a 144 hz rejuvenate price at 2560 *1440 pixels conveniently. We navigate 360 Hz for 2560 *1440 For resolutions listed below 2k, the refresh price rises to 720 Hz completely HD as well as much more at 720 p (in theory at 1500 Hz).

Under regular scenarios, HDMI 2.1 can sustain 120 Hz in 4K with no streaming compression.

So, Identify the graphics card that you have as well as its HDMI port. If it sustains the variation mentioned over, we can obtain a 144 hz rejuvenate price. It’s simply a concern of which resolution.

A fast means to recognize your graphics card is by means of gadget supervisor. When we understand the name of our card, we can google its HDMI specifications. E.g.: if your card is an NVIDIA 1660 ti, you will certainly obtain an outcome of its HDMI port to be 2.0identify graphcis card via device manager

Note, HDMI 2.1 requirement is made evaluating the future right into account so it additionally sustains 8K and also 10 K, it’s simply that the refresh price will certainly lower considerably.

Remember these ports being of the variations mentioned over ways 144 Hz rejuvenate price can be managed in these variations. We still should make certain that the screen as well as cord fit the needed problems, else there is no factor.

Check the Display (OUTPUT SOURCE)

We likewise require to utilize a display screen that can manage a 144 hz price at high resolutions. A simple means to validate this is by examining your screen setups.

  1. Right-click on desktop computer wallpaper and also choose present setups
  2. Under show resolutions, we can verify the optimum resolutions result of the screen.Display resolution in windows display settings
  3. Under progressed display screen setups, we can validate the feasible refresh prices the display screen has the ability to utilize.refresh rate is display settings
  4. For an extensive appearance, click the show adapter residential properties as well as pick List all settings. You will certainly see all mixes of feasible resolutions and also the refresh price of the screen.display adapter options

There are a number of points we require to recognize concerning display screens. Allow’s state we purchased a screen that can create an optimum resolution of 1440 pixels which is 2k as well as limit freshen price is displayed in our screen is 144 Hz.

This implies the screen does not sustain 4K or anything over 4k. We can nevertheless obtain 144 hz at 2k offered the graphics card as well as cable television both sustain it. The 144 hz is the greatest feasible refresh price for that display screen. We can not raise limit rejuvenate prices of display screens.

A simple means to comprehend this is that a max 144 Hz display screen can go for 60 Hz however a max 60 Hz screen can not perform at 144 Hz. Overclocking screens to raise the refresh price a little has actually ended up being a fad, however we do not suggest it as the possibility of harming the display is a genuine opportunity.

Get the Right Cables (Mediator)

If both the graphics card and also present assistance 144 hz at a certain resolution. All that’s entrusted to concentrate on is the HDMI cord that links these 2 elements.

We advise purchasing an Ultra-high-speed HDMI wire produced 2.1 HDMI. These wires have a transmission capacity of 48 Gbps as well as are produced HDMI 2.1. Do not fret if you have previous ports, these wires are backwards suitable. It’s simply that the reduced variation’s specifications will certainly be utilized when linked.

For instance if you attach the 2.1 wires mentioned over to a 1.4 port, the link can exist. The video clip capacities will certainly be restricted to the HDMI 1.4 variation.

Please ensure to examine the Ultra High-Speed HDMI Certification Label on the product packaging prior to purchasing and also ensure the adapter works with your ports. You could locate typical, mini, or tiny adapters.


If all 3 parts mentioned over collaborate in unity, the HDMI will certainly sustain a 144 hz revitalize price. Please make certain that all 3 parts remain in appropriate kind to attain these targets.

Get a screen utilizing a 144 hz rejuvenate price with high resolutions, a graphics card that sustains more recent HDMI variations, and also a cable television that has sufficient data transfer to move information from card to present screen quickly.