Exactly how To Clone A Hard Drive In Windows

The factor lots of people duplicate a hard disk is if they’re updating from a Hard Drive to an SSD, or from a smaller sized drive to one with bigger ability. Some individuals likewise duplicate a drive to support the materials onto an exterior hard disk drive.

For all such functions, you can either make use of a Hard Drive Cloning Software– totally free or costs as you favor– or a physical hard disk drive copy machine. We’ve detailed the required actions for either technique, on both Windows and also Mac, in the short article listed below.

Before You Start

You ought to support any kind of especially crucial data prior to you begin duplicating considering that there’s a possibility of information loss if anything fails. To reduce this opportunity, we suggest utilizing some type of power back-up such as an UPS to make sure that your computer does not quickly closed down throughout the cloning procedure.

Also, below are some technological terms made use of in the overview listed below:

Source Drive: The drive that presently has the information you’re attempting to duplicate.

Destination Drive: The target drive that you’re attempting to move the information to.

How to Clone a Hard Drive on Windows

We’ve made use of Macrium Reflect, AOMEI Backupper, as well as AOMEI Partition Manager for this tutorial as these are the most effective cost-free disk drive cloning devices readily available on Windows. You can utilize your favored software program of option. The actions will certainly be comparable for a lot of them.

Large to Smaller Hard Drive

Here are the actions to duplicate a bigger hard disk onto a smaller sized one making use of Macrium Reflect:

  1. Plug the hard disks right into your computer.
  2. Download, set up as well as release Macrium Reflect.
  3. Select the resource disk and also click Clone This Disk

  4. Select the disk to duplicate to.
  5. Click on Select a various resource disk or target disk if you intend to alter them. When you’re pleased with the choices, press Next to continue.

  6. You can establish a cloning timetable to backup the drive on a regular basis on the following display. We’ll overlook this, however you can utilize this attribute if you desire.
  7. In the last display, experience every little thing noted to see to it all the options are right, after that press Finish

  8. Accept the verification motivates as well as wait on the procedure to finish.

  9. Restart your computer and also press the BIOS trick too right into the BIOS Setup Utility.
  10. Under Boot Options, pick the freshly duplicated drive as the front runner, as well as press F10 to continue.


Small to Larger Hard Drive

Here are the actions to duplicate a smaller sized disk drive onto a bigger one utilizing the AOMEI devices:

  1. Connect the hard disks to your computer.
  2. Download and also mount AOMEI Back Upper as well as AOMEI Partition Manager.
  3. Launch AOMEI Back Upper and also pick Clone > Disk Clone
  4. Select the resource and also location disks and also press Next on both displays.

  5. Press ALRIGHT > Start Clone, and also when the procedure finishes, press Finish.

  6. Restart your computer as well as press the BIOS trick too right into the BIOS Setup Utility.
  7. Under Boot Options, pick the freshly duplicated drive as the front runner as well as press F10 to continue.

  8. When duplicating a little drive to a bigger one, the additional area will certainly stay unallocated by default. To solve this, launch AOMEI Partition Manager.
  9. Right-click the energetic dividers and also choose Merge Partitions

  10. Select the unallocated dividing and also press OK.

  11. Press Proceed > Restart right into Windows PE Mode > OK.
  12. Once the procedure is full, press Restart Now

How to Clone a Hard Drive on Mac

Unlike Windows, you can duplicate a hard disk making use of the indigenous Disk Utility on Mac. SuperDuper is an outstanding complimentary choice as well for duplicating functions.

Disk Utility

Here’s just how to a duplicate a hard disk by means of the Disk Utility:

  1. Plug the hard disk drives right into your Mac as well as launch Disk Utility
  2. Note the resource drive’s data system and also inspect that it’s the very same on the location drive. If it’s not, style the location drive with the exact same documents system.

  3. Restart your Mac and also hold back Command + R till you boot right into Recovery Mode.
  4. Select Disk Utility as well as click Continue.

  5. Select the location drive as well as press Restore
  6. In the Restore from area, choose the resource drive as well as press Restore

  7. Once the remediation procedure is total, press Done.
  8. Click on the Apple symbol as well as pick Startup Disk

  9. Select the recently duplicated hard disk drive as well as press Restart too from it.


Here’s just how to duplicate a hard disk drive making use of SuperDuper:

  1. Once once again, plug in the drives and also make certain the location drive is making use of the exact same documents system as the resource drive. Otherwise, layout the location drive to make it so.
  2. Download SuperDuper from the main website. Set up as well as release it.
  3. In the duplicate area, choose the resource drive.
  4. In the to area, choose the location drive.
  5. In the utilizing area, pick Backup– all data

  6. If the quantity of information on the resource drive is greater than what the target drive can keep, the application will certainly show a message regarding this. In this instance, you ought to either remove some data to clean up room or utilize a bigger capability location drive.
  7. Otherwise, press Copy Now and also approve the verification to wage the cloning.
  8. Once the procedure is total, press OK.

  9. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Startup Disk, choose the duplicated disk, and also press Restart too from it.

How to Clone a Hard Drive Using a Duplicator

If you would certainly instead not experience the trouble of duplicating a drive making use of third-party devices, a physical hard drive copy machine can be the best alternative for you. These commonly price in between 20$– 100$ as well as are very uncomplicated to run. Simply put the resource and also location drives right into the particular ports and also push the Clone switch.


The one disadvantage is that some less expensive versions have a credibility of not functioning appropriately sometimes. If you do select to buy a cloner/docking terminal, we suggest checking out the testimonials as well as making certain it’s trustworthy prior to obtaining it. For any type of additional questions concerning your specific design, you ought to describe the handbook.

Related Questions

How Long Does It Take To Clone a Hard Drive?

Depending on the disk drive specifications and also the quantity of information to duplicate, the procedure can take anywhere in between a couple of mins to a couple of hrs. On standard, it normally takes 15– 20 minutes to duplicate a 100 GB difficult drive.

Can I Clone a Hard Drive Without Using Third-Party Cloning Software?

On Mac, you can do this using Disk Utility. We’ve noted the actions for this in the Disk Utility area over.

But on Windows, there’s no inbuilt energy for duplicating a hard disk. Technically, you can produce a system photo, after that duplicate that system photo onto the brand-new drive, and also utilize that back-up to bring back the components onto the drive.

But this procedure is imaging, not duplicating. There’s a time and also area for this, but also for duplicating especially, many individuals will certainly locate this technique to be ineffective as well as way too much of a trouble.

Can I Clone a Hard Drive to SSD/ USB External Drive?

You can duplicate an inner HDD to an outside SSD as well as any type of various other mix. The important things to bear in mind is that the location drive have to have enough storage area to approve the components of the resource drive.

Does Cloning a Hard Drive Copy The OS/ Make It Bootable?

Cloning suggests developing a precise reproduction of a drive. This implies whatever on the drive, consisting of the OS is reproduced.

Now on the various other hand, if the resource drive does not have any kind of OS submits to begin with, the location drive will not instantly end up being bootable.