Exactly How To Fix Backlight On Television?

Have you ever before had a trouble with the television where the display does not present any type of image also when it’s activated? In such instances, the trouble could suggest damages to the backlight of the television.

As the name recommends, “backlights” are the lights to our television display; no light causes no readable image on the display.

Backlight damages is more than likely created because of issues in 2 necessary parts that comprise the backlight: the Backlight Driver Board/Powerboard or the real Backlight strips

Do not stress; it is much easier to take care of than it looks. We will certainly deal with each concern in an organized style to ensure that you can repair your television without investing a great deal of cash.

Possible Causes of Backlight Failure

The backlights damages is triggered as a result of the adhering to feasible factors.

  • Sudden power rises
  • Defective backlight LED light bulbs
  • LED Driver board problems
  • Powerboard/mainboard concerns
  • Physical or water damages

Backlight Failure Symptoms

  • television switches on with no display screen of the image.
  • A Dim display indicate malfunctioning led backlights.
  • A Flickering display is an opportunity for a passing away led strip.
  • Dark areas are brought on by some LED light bulbs transforming malfunctioning.
  • Light Spot areas happen when the lens of these LED light bulbs diminishes.
  • A fifty percent dark display indicate one entire side of Backlights is stopping working.
  • Light dripping from the television’s sides suggests LED light bulbs have actually relocated inside the television.

How to Fix Backlight on Television?

The Backlight problem just takes place in LED TVs as QLED as well as OLED TVs do not have backlights. LCD TVs utilized backlights composed of fluorescent light bulbs, however their manufacturing has actually currently been quit as the innovation is dated.

Things to Consider Before Testing & Repair

  • Firstly, please verify the backlight concern. A simple means is to take a white light versus the display. If the graphics reveal when lit up, the tool has backlight failing.
  • We advise putting the television on a soft floor covering with the display encountering down to stop any kind of scrapes on the display.
  • Take a lot of images on each action to map back and also rebuild the television after repair work.
  • Put screws in mugs as well as identify them to ensure that we do not shed them throughout reassembly.

Tools Required

  • LED Backlight Tester
  • Screwgun or Screwdrivers according to screws in the television
  • Painter’s Tape.
  • Suction Cup
  • Voltage Checker/ Multimeter
  • Old credit history or present card

Once the above factors to consider are factored in, open the back cover of the gadget as well as begin the screening & repair service procedure.

metallic case of TV

Step 1: Test the Power Supply Board & Led Strips

Most TVs include the led chauffeur on the powerboard itself, however some have a different led motorist board. Discover the precise link factor where the backlight cord links to the board.

Things to Consider Regarding the Testing Area

  • Every board has a tiny graph near the location where the backlight cable television is gotten in touch with the board. The graph will certainly explain the favorable and also adverse factors in the link.
  • Set your multimeter readying to DC Volts.
  • When screening with a multimeter, comply with the private direction offered listed below purely. Blunders in position lead cables could short circuit the link factors.
  • The variety of cords utilized to attach the backlight to the board will certainly differ according to the variety of backlight strips. These cords are linked in sets, i.e., one favorable as well as one unfavorable factor.

Start examining the Connection Points

  1. Do not detach anything; plug in the television and also transform it on totally.
  2. Take the multimeter as well as area the Red lead on among the favorable factors in the link. Location the black lead in the unfavorable link factor
  3. Take the voltage dimensions for each and every link factor.

    Test area to check backlight issue

Take Recommended Action According to Voltage Scenarios

If the television really did not have a backlight concern, each link factor would certainly reveal a voltage analysis of around or much less than 100 volts when the backlight is attached to the board. All link factors would certainly reveal a comparable analysis without several variations.Testing connection area of backlight cable and boad connector pins

If the voltage analysis is over 100-120 volts, Zero or near to Zero, comply with the advised activity specified in the circumstances listed here:

  1. Unplug the Television and also detach the backlight cord from the board. When this is done, connect the television back in as well as switch on the television.
  2. Now utilize the multimeter to examination the private adapter pins The red lead mosts likely to favorable factors, and also the black lead obtains based on the steel framework of the television.
  3. If voltage is over 100-120 volts, this analysis shows the board is providing the power appropriately. We require to alter the LED backlights.
  4. Suppose the voltage is no or near absolutely no. Change the Powersupply board. These boards typically vary from around $60 to $200 Discover the specific board according to the television design number.Zero voltage reading during testing

Step 2: Open the Rest of the Television

Follow the actions listed below if the backlight strip requires to be changed. You do not require to open the television if the power supply board requires substitute.

  1. Remove the plastic bezel structures, television boards & steel brackets/chassis of the television.
  2. Remove the bow wires meticulously as they are essential & fragile. The television will certainly not function if the damages is sustained on these cords. Do not draw on them.
  3. Start getting rid of the layers of the display with a suction mug. There will certainly be an LCD Panel and also a number of white panels below it.

    Use suction cup to lift screen
  4. Use painter’s tape to maintain the display’s leading layers with each other, protect against flexing, as well as preserve the order of displays throughout reassembly.

Step 3: Change Backlight of the Television

If the Backlight strips call for substitute, gone through the factors to consider listed below and afterwards continue to change them.

Things to Consider Before Backlight Replacement

  • Change the entire collection of strips or specific strips. We do not advise transforming single light bulbs as the substitute procedure bores as well as calls for a home heating plate.
  • Always purchase the LED Strips according to the Display panel number sticker label on the back of the steel framework of the television. The producer will certainly define if they work keeping that display screen panel number.
  • Remember, an additional brand name could create the Display panel. Constantly get strips according to the brand name defined in the display screen panel, not the television brand name.

Remove Previous Installed Backlight Strips

  1. Start by eliminating the white reflective layer in addition to the backlight strips. Little plastic fixes are made use of to secure them; press the fixes from the rear of the steel framework with a plier or by hand to open them.
  2. Take a photo of the link location of the backlight strips with the backlight wire that mosts likely to the powerboard. We require to join them specifically like it seeks substitute.
  3. Unplug the backlight wire from strips.
  4. Locate the 2 round metal factors on the beginning factor of each action highlighted by the image listed below.
  5. Take your backlight tester as well as area the red-colored cause the + factor and also black lead cord to the– factor All light bulbs because strip must brighten if they function great; otherwise, we require to transform the entire strip.Testing backlight strip in series circuit
  6. Take an old present card, charge card or scrape as well as begin taking the harmed strips out of beneath by gliding the card under the strips.Scrape old backlight off

Install New Backlight LED Strips

  1. The brand-new led strips include double-sided tape near the bottom; slide the brand-new strips in position as well as stick them.
  2. Some strips have openings that we can make use of to secure them right into the television framework. Mount them according to your television’s previous backlight strips. If none of the alternative is offered, stick the strips with some white masking tape.
  3. Do a last examination with the backlight tester like in the past. All light bulbs must brighten
  4. Reconnect the strips to the backlight cord with the assistance of the image taken previously.

Step 4: Reassemble the Television

Once the backlight strips have actually been changed, we will certainly require to reattach every little thing. Take into consideration the adhering to factors while rebuilding the television.

  1. Start by re-installing the white reflector sheet in addition to the backlights. pegs for white deflector sheets
  2. Next, position the white display layers(diffusion sheets) that we united in addition to the reflector sheets.
  3. Check for any type of dust, finger prints, or painter’s tape throughout this action as well as eliminate them as necessary.
  4. Reinstall the panel framework in addition to the white display layers as well as set up the LCD panel in addition to it. Make certain the panel is recessed inside the framework as failing to do so could cause fractures later on.
  5. Reattach any type of metal dental braces. They normally click onto the display if lined up & positioned effectively.
  6. Attach all bow wires to their particular locations. Use photos taken in the past Be added fragile with them as they conveniently damage.
  7. Reinstall any type of metal braces left in addition to every little thing. These frameworks ought to secure on the framework of the television.
  8. Once every little thing is protected, reconnect the bow cable television from the back of the metal framework to the check drive board Begin setting up the Television boards on the steel framework at the back of the Television.
  9. Rescrew the back cover of the television as well as plug in the television to a source of power.


Fixing backlights is feasible with a DIY method, yet it does need standard understanding of exactly how present, cords, as well as multimeters job. If you have questions, we do not advise damaging the television. Backlight repairs are typically a work for specialists.