Exactly How To Reset Ring Doorbell

Whether you’re experiencing problems with the tool or just check out to offer it as well as update to a brand-new version, resetting the Ring Doorbell takes a little bit of job. This is mainly since you need to eliminate it from the door entirely– as well as it’s connected with screws.

Another essential factor to consider is which version you’re attempting to reset. The actions you comply with will certainly differ relying on which version you have.

Preparing to Reset a Ring Doorbell

Before you reset a Ring Doorbell, you require to guarantee you have the right devices for the work. The safety and security screws that connect the buzzer plate to your door call for an unique screwdriver to eliminate them effectively. Without it, you will not have the ability to reset the Ring Doorbell.

If you do not have the screwdriver, store on Ring as well as order a brand-new one. Some customers have actually additionally suggested that a T6 Torx screwdriver likewise functions.

Also, understand that getting rid of and also resetting the Ring Doorbell will totally erase any type of customization, setups, or accounts on it. If you mean to utilize the exact same one once more, you will certainly need to entirely reprogram it prior to it functions.

Removing the Ring Doorbell

Removing the Ring Doorbell from the door needs loosening the faceplate from the surface area. Go slow-moving and also take your time to ensure that you do not harm the case or scrape the paint on your residence. While not all designs need this always, numerous do.

  1. Place the head of the screwdriver versus the screw on the base of the doorplate. If you have difficulty seeing it, relocate to straighten it appropriately.
  2. Spin the screwdriver counterclockwise. Function the screw out and also gradually eliminate it, putting it someplace it will not go away. You will not have the ability to install the faceplate back unless you have this screw as well as will certainly need to purchase one more one if it damages or is shed.
  3. Brace your fingers on the faceplate as well as utilize your thumbs to press the base of the faceplate out. If it does not intend to shake totally free, make use of a crowbar as well as gently shake it to aid loosen up all-time low of home plate.
  4. Pull the case of the doorplate totally free. Do not release it while you do this due to the fact that it can drop as well as damage as soon as it does not have assistance.

At this moment, you ought to have the ability to access the Ring Doorbell itself. Considering that the reset relies on having physical accessibility to the tool, these actions should be finished. You can not reset it without doing so.

Resetting the Ring Doorbell

One problem some individuals encounter when resetting a Ring Doorbell is that there’s greater than one design. Various versions have a little various needs for reset. If you aren’t certain which version you have, the very best primary step is to figure out by inspecting your Ring application.

How to Tell Which Ring Doorbell You Have

The Ring application will certainly allow you promptly find precisely which doorbell you’re making use of. Given that the application manages every element of a Ring tool, it’s extremely uncommon for a customer to have a buzzer without likewise having the Ring application. If you do not have it mounted, you can download it for complimentary for Android or iphone.

  1. Open the Ring application.
  2. Tap the food selection switch on top left of the application.
  3. Choose Devices
  4. Choose your buzzer from the checklist of tools.
  5. Select Device Health
  6. Look at the Product Name listing under Device Details.


When you select a collection of actions to comply with to reset your gadget, comply with the ones for your particular version. Or else, the reset may not function appropriately.

How to Reset the Ring Doorbell

All of the Ring Doorbell designs have basically the very same actions for a manufacturing facility reset. The actual problem is locating the switch on various designs.

  • The Ring Video Doorbell Wired, Ring Video Doorbell Pro as well as Pro 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3 and also 4, and also the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus need to have configuration switches found on the appropriate side of the buzzer near an orange dot.
  • The Ring Video Doorbell Elite as well as Ring Video Doorbell 2 have their arrangement switches in the leading right over the video camera.
  • The Ring Video Doorbell’s very first and also second-generation designs’ arrangement switches lie on the back of the buzzer.

After locating the switches, comply with these actions:

  1. Locate the configuration switch on the buzzer.
  2. Press down the configuration switch.
  3. Hold it down for 10 secs. Do not launch the switch, or the procedure will certainly fall short.
  4. Release it when the buzzer presents configuration setting. The light will certainly begin to blink for some versions, as well as you require to hold it till it quits. When it quits, the reset is done.

At this moment, you can start establishing your tool, provide it away, or market it without concern. You might likewise require to eliminate it from your application if you aren’t utilizing the tool once more.

How to Set Up the Ring Doorbell

While actions for each and every buzzer might differ a little, this is the essential means to establish your buzzer. Considering that you’ve reset it, you’ll need to go with the first configuration once again. You do not have to establish it up and also link it to the application once more. The very same gadget will certainly still be signed up to your application.

  1. Navigate to your phone’s Wi-Fi setups.
  2. Join the Ring Network that you see detailed. It’s a short-lived gain access to factor that assists your house network as well as the Ring tools collaborate.

  3. Return to the Ring application and also attach to the Wi-Fi network you desire the buzzer to utilize.

  4. Press Continue. Do not stress if the buzzer flashes with lights for some time. It is preparing itself for usage by upgrading software application or executing various other features.
  5. Wait for any type of lights to go away, and afterwards adhere to the actions on the application to end up the arrangement.
  6. Test the buzzer to see to it functions.

If you’re establishing it up on an iphone gadget, you’ll need to pick Join once you get to configuration setting on the Ring buzzer. It must instantly join your network on an Android tool.

How to Remove the Device From the Ring App

If you’re resetting the Ring Doorbell to eliminate it or change it, it’s valuable to understand just how to eliminate the tool from your Ring application. Doing so will certainly assist you not obtain puzzled in between tools as well as guarantee that your notifies as well as regulates do not obtain puzzled.

  1. Open the Ring application.
  2. Tap the food selection symbol in the top.
  3. Choose Devices
  4. Select the buzzer you’ve reset.
  5. Tap Device Settings, and after that select General Settings.
  6. Choose Remove Device


Now another person will certainly have the ability to register it. Constantly download and install any type of video clips you’ve conserved from the gadget prior to eliminating it from the application. Eliminating it from the application isn’t needed if you’re resetting it for your individual usage.

Tips as well as Tricks

  • Some individuals experiencing issues with Ring buzzers will certainly reduce the power that allows it to function. It functions as a soft reboot yet isn’t recommended by the producer. Wage care. It is much less complex than literally eliminating the cover, however sudden power modifications can harm delicate electronic devices.
  • If you can not obtain the buzzer right into arrangement setting, get in touch with Ring Support to speak to an expert regarding the trouble. Usually it suggests a device requires to be changed, and also if you’re under guarantee, they might do so absolutely free.
  • If you aren’t certain when to launch the arrangement switch, some individuals advise holding it till the lights quit biking and also a black display shows up. That will not coincide for every design yet was recommended as a solution for individuals having trouble resetting the Ring Pro.