Just How To Connect RGB Fans To Motherboard

Installing RGB followers is perhaps among the very best means to make your pc gaming gear aesthetically appealing. If you do not have correct guidelines, linking the RGB followers can be fairly laborious as all the shades in RGB followers require to be in sync. Stopping working to do so can make your arrangement unpleasant as well as unappealing.

So maintaining this in mind, this write-up will certainly supply you with the best assistance to attach the RGB followers to ensure that every one of them remain in sync.

Does My Motherboard Support RGB Fans?

The response to this inquiry mainly relies on the sort of RGB follower you get. Typically, if you have a motherboard that does not have an RGB header, the follower will certainly rotate, however the RGB might not function.

rgb header
RGB Header

However, some followers included a controller linked into the Molex wire from the power supply. Doing this will certainly offer power to the LED wire. These sort of followers does not call for a different RGB header.

Connecting the Fans to Motherboard

Depending on the kinds of RGB followers, you can attach them appropriately.

Static RGB Fans

As the name recommends, Static RGB followers include fixed RGB lights, presenting just one shade at once. Linking the fixed RGB follower is rather a headache as the end of its cable television will certainly not fit on any of the motherboard headers.

You will certainly require an RGB hub/bus/controller with the RGB follower to link it to the motherboard. Although you can attach numerous followers to the controller, it will just reveal one shade presently being asked.

Before beginning, right here is a listing of things that you need. All these things are consisted of inside when acquiring the RGB follower.

  • RGB Hub/Bus/Controller
  • Power resource wire( Molex or SATA)
  • USB micro-splitter

Connect RGB to the Controller

First, you require to attach all the Static RGB followers to the controller with the follower. The controller will certainly have 1, 2, 3 created on the ports.

RGB controller

The cable television from the RGB followers is attached to these ports. It is advised that you load these phoned number ports in rising order.

Connect Controller to the Power Source

Once you place the RGB followers right into the controller, link this controller to a source of power You require to attach one end of the power line to the PSU (Power Supply Unit) itself and also the various other to the controller.

This cord can either be a 4-pin Molex wire or a SATA wire and also perseverance both the followers and also the LED lights at the same time.

connect controller to PSU

Connect the Controller to the Motherboard

Finally, attach the RGB followers controller to the motherboard making use of the USB micro-splitter

  1. Connect one end of the USB micro-splitter to the USB 2.0 header in the motherboard.
  2. Insert the various other end in the controller’s micro-USB port.
  3. The 2.0 header will certainly have 9 pins that state USB/JUSB1/JUSB2 under the pins.
  4. Align the pin from the USB micro-splitter to the USB 2.0 header as well as put them thoroughly.
  5. After connecting whatever in, it is currently time to activate the system to inspect if the followers rotate and also the lights switch on.

Note: USB headers 2.0 as well as 3.0 are typically situated with each other on the motherboard. You can additionally describe the motherboard’s guidebook to situate USB headers

Addressable RGB Fans

The ARGB followers can attend to and also change all lights inside the follower individually, providing us a vast array of shades. Unlike fixed RGB followers, the ARGB do not call for a different Controller.

ARGB followers will certainly have 2 cords that appear of it. One is a system follower power adapter with 4 cords, which might have 3 or 4-pin. An additional is the LED power port which has 3 cables as well as a 4-pin.

Some ARGB LED power ports will certainly once more have various other 2 ends, which aids to attach numerous ARGB making use of the sissy chain branching approach.

Before linking the Addressable RGB followers, you need to recognize that the ARGB follower’s LED power line adapters need to be linked to a 3-pin 5V RGB header on the motherboard and also not the 4-pin 12 V RGB header

The follower’s LED will certainly not illuminate if you link ARGB LED power to a 4-pin 12 V header.

Note: If you can not locate any kind of headers in the motherboard, please describe the motherboard supplier’s individual handbook.

Locate 3-Pin 5V on Motherboard

Search the motherboard for ADD_HEADER/ JRAINBOW1/ JRAINBOW2 The pin will certainly additionally have +5 V created under among the pins.

3pin 5v header

Connect RGB to 3-Pin 5V Header

Follow these actions to attach the LED power Connector to the motherboard’s 3-pin 5V header

  1. Align the arrowhead indicator from the adapter to the +5 V on the motherboard.
  2. Now carefully attach these 2 wires.
  3. Connect the follower’s power line to the System Fan header on the motherboard. The System Fan header will certainly be suggested as SYS_FAN1, SYS_FAN2, SYS_FAN3, and so on


The ARGB followers are created as if they can be linked in a daisy chain style. Sissy chain enables you to link one LED to an additional, which enables them to be in sync.

  • The ARGB power line will certainly contain a man as well as women port when acquired with each other. Utilizing this, you can attach all these LED lights to one 3-pin 5V header.
  • For the follower’s power line, you require to link them to numerous System Fan headers, i.e. SYS_FAN1, SYS_FAN2, SYS_FAN3
  • Once you attach every little thing, power on the computer system. If you have actually attached whatever appropriately, your computer system configuration need to radiance with RGB shades.
  • Once whatever is brightened, you can either make use of a button or an RGB controller software program to take care of the system’s illumination results.

LED Fans

For those that might not understand, there’s an additional follower kind besides RGB. The LED followers just present a solitary shade, and also as a result we can not make use of any kind of software program to manage them. Similar to the LED strip, these followers do not call for any type of RGB header on the motherboard.

You can make use of either a 3-pin DC follower port, 4-pin PWM, or a Molex port to provide them with power.

You can link LED followers similar to a regular situation follower, as LED followers will just have a solitary cord that provides power to the follower as well as the LED. You can comply with these actions to attach LED followers to the motherboard.

Locate System Fan Header

Motherboards will certainly have 4 to 5 System Fan Headers that power the situation followers attached to them. Look for composing on the motherboard such as SYS_FAN1, SYS_FAN2, and so on. Suggested by the SYS_FAN, you can see a 4-pin header.

system fan

Connect LED to System Fan Header

To attach the cable television from LED to the motherboard, merely place them on the System Fan Header.

You can just put these cable televisions and also header a particular method. If you discover it hard to place the cable television, merely turn the adapter as well as attempt once more. You can likewise attempt straightening the plastic push. These pushes on the LED port can be challenging to see.

Examine the LED port and also the system follower header very carefully prior to putting them

Turn on the system to examine if the follower as well as the LED light both activate.

How to Connect Multiple RGB Fans to Motherboard?

Static RGB followers featured a Controller which allows you regulate link several of them to a solitary header on the motherboard, integrating them.

Digital RGB or ARGB followers have 2 cable televisions that you require to attach to the motherboard.

  • Cable to power FAN
  • Cable to power RGB

The wire power of RGB once again has 2 ends.

  • 3-pin man
  • 3-pin lady

Follow these procedures to attach several ARGB followers

  1. Connect 3-pin lady to the motherboard
  2. Connect the 3-pin man to a 3-pin women port from one more ARGB follower.

We can attach numerous ARGB followers in a daisy chain style by proceeding these 2 actions.

Connect RGB Fans to a Non-RGB Motherboard

You can link an RGB follower to a non-RGB motherboard with the assistance of a controller that includes the RGB follower strip. If you desire to attach an ARGB follower to a non-RGB motherboard, it can be fairly a problem.

Since an ARGB follower needs its LED power port to attach to a 3-pin 5V header, the producer does not include this header on a non-RGB motherboard.

Difference Between LED Fans as well as RGB Fans

The LED followers have just one particular shade, which we can not transform. This is why the RGB regulating application will certainly not work with these followers.

Unlike LED followers, RGB followers present 3 various shades, Red, Green, or blue. RGB followers are fixed, we can utilize the RGB control application to alter their shade. We can not transform each LED light on RGB individually.

Which is Better RGB or ARGB Light?

Regarding capabilities, ARGB has addressable led lights, whereas fixed RGB does not. This factor alone allows computer contractors prefer ARGB lights over Static RGB lights. RGB lights likewise have their pros.

RGB lights need a controller that allows you manage all your RGB lights on your system. You do not need a third-party application to manage these lights. If you intend to have mechanical control over your lights, RGB is the method to go.

We can, nonetheless, include a button to regulate an ARGB also, however making use of a third-party application for ARGB lights makes even more feeling.

Also, if you have a non-RGB motherboard, the only method to obtain RGB on your system is with RGB lights.

Visual Difference Between RGB as well as ARGB

To establish which RGB kind you utilize, evaluate the power line that requires to be linked to the motherboard. You can not identify whether it is a fixed RGB or ARGB simply by checking out the connector-end from the RGB strip cord. The end-point of both RGB as well as ARGB cords looks comparable, they will certainly have a various number of cables.

Static RGB will certainly have 4 cords as its power line, whereas ARGB will certainly have 3.

We can make use of the very same concept to separate the RGB followers.

Related Questions

Do You Need RGB Motherboard for RGB Fans?

You do not always require an RGB motherboard for RGB followers. RGB followers featured a port that you can make use of to attach to the source of power, which powers both the follower and also the RGB.

However, if you have an ARGB, you require to have an RGB motherboard.

Can You Connect Fan to RGB Header?

If you have an ARGB follower, you can link the follower to the RGB header. The RGB header requires to be a 3-pin 5V header and also not the 4-pin 12 V header.

If you are attempting to place a regular instance follower to the RGB header, it is not advised. As the pins are not suitable with each various other, the follower possibly made pointless if we link them.

What Happens if You Don’t Plug in RGB Header?

If we do not connect in the RGB header, the followers might rotate, however the RGB will certainly not illuminate.

Do RGB Fans Work with Any Controller?

The RGB followers will certainly not deal with any kind of controller. RGB follower package will certainly utilize its different controller given by the RGB follower producer.

Can RGB Fans Change Color?

RGB and also ARGB followers can transform shade. RGB can just light up a particular shade, red, eco-friendly, or blue, at a time.

Unlike RGB, ARGB can regulate each LED directly an LED strip, therefore the name Addressable RGB.

There is a 3rd kind of follower called LED followers. These followers just have actually one tinted LED, indicating that these RGB followers can not alter shade.