Just How To Connect SATA Power Cable

When constructing computer components, have you ever before had uncertainties concerning linking power line to inner gadgets? Whether an 8-pin or a SATA wire, placing these cords from the PSU (Power Supply Unit) to the incorrect header or ports can have significant repercussions.

One particular part individuals have problems getting in touch with is the SATA power line. If placed improperly, you might also harm the tools.

So, to prevent any type of catastrophe, we have actually brought you this short article to assist you attach the SATA power line properly.

Types of Power Connector

Depending on the PSU you utilize, you will certainly either have a Molex or SATA power adapter. More recent as well as totally modular PSU are normally outfitted with SATA, whereas the Molex is an older innovation as well as therefore not produced in modern-day PSU.

Molex Power Connector


The Molex power line has 4 wires and also 4-pins on its end. It provides 12 V and also 5V via yellow and also red cable television, specifically. The various other 2 black cable televisions are ground.

If your power supply makes use of a Molex power port, you will certainly require a Molex to SATA converter to link it with SATA power port gadget.

SATA Power Connector


SATA power port 15- pins which can provide 3.3 V, 5V or 12 V source of power. It likewise offers lowered resistance contrasted to Molex which consequently supplies much better ground for the system.

How to Connect a SATA Power Cable

Connecting computer components can be equally as easy as putting together lego items. You require to situate each cord for that particular port. On the various other hand, some ports can look comparable, as well as amateur computer building contractors can mistakenly put them someplace they are not meant to. This can often create your tool to brief circuit.

Therefore, please review the guidelines stated listed below extremely thoroughly prior to doing them to prevent this situation.

Locate SATA Power Cable

To find the SATA power line, initially, we require to see what the SATA port appears like. Examining the SATA port, we can conveniently identify what the SATA wire appears like.

SATA port is an L-shaped port situated on a lot of your storage space tools. You can see 2 SATA ports on the tool. One is the SATA information port (to information transfer), as well as the various other is the SATA Power port (for power supply).


To separate these 2 ports, just inspect their size. SATA power has a much longer port size contrasted to the SATA information port.

Another means you can separate the SATA power as well as SATA information wire is with the variety of pins. SATA information port has 7-pins whereas the SATA power supply ports are outfitted with 15- pins.

You can additionally examine the variety of cables on the wire. SATA power line typically has 5 cables either tinted or simple black, whereas SATA information cable television has one level as well as thick wire.


Now that you understand where we require to put the SATA power line, you require to situate the cable television from the power supply that can suit this L-shaped port.

Check cords from the PSU (Power Supply Unit) that can suit the SATA power port in your storage space gadget.

If you can not locate this L-shaped wire from the power supply, your PSU more than likely has a Molex wire. In this instance, you will certainly require a Molex-SATA adapter to provide power to the storage space gadget.

However, if the tool does not have a SATA power port, you can think it utilizes a Molex cable television.

Insert the Cable


Once you situate the SATA power line, placing them right into the SATA power port is relatively straightforward. Lining up the L-shape from the port and also the wire, after that put them thoroughly.

You can just put these SATA power line a specific method. If you have concerns attaching them, invert the wire as well as attempt once more.

Related Questions

Where Do We Use a SATA Power Cable?

The SATA power line products power to the storage space tool such as the Hard Disk Drive (HDD), the Solid State Drive (SSD), or CD/DVD drive. This, we can likewise make use of a SATA power cable television to attach to a controller which handles the RGB.

How to Insert SATA Data Cable?

SATA information cable television links the storage space tool to the motherboard. To find the SATA port on the motherboard, look for works such as SATA_1, SATA_2, or try to find an L-shaped port.

Insert one end of the SATA information wire on the motherboard and also an additional one to the SATA information port on your tool. The SATA information port on the tool is reasonably much shorter than the SATA power port.

If you have concerns linking these 2 ports, invert the cords and also attempt once again.

What’s the distinction Between SATA Power and also Molex Power?

Molex is an old innovation that powers the majority of your inner elements. Molex power has 4 pins on the port as well as 4 cords.

Talking regarding SATA power line, these are L-shaped wires with 15- pins on the port. We can just see 5 cords in the SATA cable.