Just How To Disable Integrated Graphics

Have you ever before dealt with actually reduced FPS, like 5 or 10, also when you’ve set up a devoted graphics card?

If of course, after that your computer, or the application operating, may be utilizing the integrated graphics card, or the incorporated GPU. And also is not utilizing your committed graphics card.

In order to completely make use of the committed graphics card, which you most likely paid a whole lot for, you could require to disable the incorporated GPU.

How to Check What GPU Is Currently being used?

By default, when we link the display to the motherboard, the system utilizes the incorporated GPU. If you desire your Computer to make use of the specialized GPU, you require to link the screen to the graphics card.

Alternately, you can likewise make use of Windows setups to establish what GPU is presently being used. Please adhere to these actions to examine the in-use GPU.

  1. Press the Windows + I crucial all at once to open up Settings
  2. Go to System > Display > Advanced Display.
  3. Under Display info, you can see the GPU that a screen is presently utilizing.

    check connected GPU

Here, according to the variety of screens attached to your computer, you might have one or numerous screens.

How to Differentiate Integrated as well as Dedicated GPU?

Using the Task Manager, you can obtain the information regarding your GPU. This consists of information regarding your incorporated and also devoted graphics card.

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete all at once.
  2. Select Task Manager to open up Task Manager,
  3. Click on More information if the Task Manager just reveals the listing of applications running.
  4. Now, most likely to the Performance tab.
  5. Here, if you have GPU 0 and also GPU 1, it suggests that your computer has actually an incorporated and also committed GPU.


Now, examine the Dedicated GPU Memory as well as Shared GPU Memory. Devoted GPU memory is usually greater contrasted to Shared GPU memory.

How to Disable Integrated Graphics

There are 2 particular means you can disable the incorporated graphics card, from Device Manager or the BIOS. Currently, allow us talk about each technique and also see which one is advised.

From Device Manager

Since the Device Manager has the checklist of all motorists set up on your computer system, disabling the incorporated graphics vehicle driver will certainly disable the incorporated GPU also.

Please comply with these actions to disable incorporated graphics from Device Manager.

  1. Press the Windows + X crucial at the same time.
  2. Click on Device Manager as well as broaden Display adapters.
  3. Here, right-click on the incorporated graphics chauffeur.
  4. Then click Disable gadget


In situation your specialized graphics card stops working and also you have actually impaired your incorporated graphics card, your screen might not present anything also when you link the screen to the motherboard.

As for laptop computers, when you disable both incorporated as well as devoted GPU, the OS will instantly run Microsoft’s default screen chauffeur.


To disable an incorporated graphics card in BIOS, you require to establish the devoted GPU as the key graphics adapter.

  1. Enter the BIOS by pushing the Delete or F2 vital, relying on the motherboard
  2. You might have various setup names that stand for the main graphics adapter.
  3. Set key graphics adapter to PCI/ PCIe as opposed to Auto or IGFX as well as VGA concern to Offboard


If you can not discover these setups, please describe the motherboard’s customer guidebook to browse the BIOS.

Should You Disable Integrated Graphics Card?

When you get on a desktop computer with a graphics card, it will certainly utilize the devoted graphics card as well as overlook the incorporated GPU if it’s linked to the motherboard. This is not constantly the situation, as the laptop computer makes use of both the incorporated and also devoted GPU.

So, should you or should you not disable incorporated GPU? Well, the solution to this concern depends upon whether you are a desktop computer or a laptop computer individual.

If you are a desktop computer individual and also you have actually linked your display to the committed GPU, you can disable the iGPU. As the computer will instantly make use of the committed card to present.

However, if your graphics card passes away, as well as you have handicapped iGPU from the BIOS, your display might go empty. You might require to reset the BIOS to settle this problem.

On laptop computers, jobs are switched over in between the incorporated GPU as well as the committed GPU. The graphics card manages graphics-intensive jobs such as video clip making, video gaming, and so on, whereas the incorporated GPU deals with reduced specifications applications such as disharmony, and even the net web browser.

Therefore, it is not suggested to disable incorporated graphics on laptop computers, as they need both the GPU, to run efficiently. If you disable the incorporated graphics, the OS will certainly change to Microsoft’s standard screen motorist as well as the software application based video clip handling will certainly take over.

How Can You Run Application With Dedicated Graphics Card

If you get on a laptop computer, you might encounter concerns with both GPUs, incorporated as well as devoted. Given that laptop computers use both incorporated as well as committed GPU relying on the work, some graphics-heavy applications, because of unidentified factors, can utilize incorporated GPU.

In that situation, you will certainly require to transform the application to high efficiency to ensure that it makes use of the specialized graphics card.

Please comply with these actions to run an application with a specialized graphics card.

  1. Press the Windows + I essential all at once to open up Settings
  2. Navigate to System > Display > Graphics
  3. Click on the application you wish to go for high efficiency.
  4. Select Options
  5. Here, check High Performance, after that click Save


Now, whenever the application opens up, it will certainly utilize your committed graphics card.

Related Questions

Does Disabling Integrated GPU Improve Performance?

If your computer system entirely operates on incorporated GPU, disabling them will certainly not enhance efficiency. If you have a committed graphics card on your Computer, it will immediately utilize them to execute graphics-intensive jobs.

Therefore, disabling them will certainly not boost efficiency. If you have actually attached the display to the motherboard, the Computer will certainly constantly make use of the incorporated GPU. This, subsequently, will certainly decrease your efficiency. If you have a different graphics card, you require to link it to the display.

What Happens When We Disable All Display Drivers At the Same Time?

When you get on a laptop computer, both the incorporated and also devoted GPU functions at the same time. When you disable both the graphics chauffeur, the OS utilizes Microsoft’s fundamental screen motorist.

However, if you get on a desktop computer computer, it is not perfect to disable the committed graphics vehicle driver. Doing so, you will certainly not obtain anything shown on your display.

If that occurs, you will certainly require to attach the display to your motherboard video clip result port.