What Is A TF Card? Does It Differ To An SD Card

As we advance with time, storage space tools are obtaining smaller sized as well as smaller sized. It has actually also involved a factor where these gadgets suit the suggestion of our fingers, holding gigabytes of information. Yes, we are speaking about SD cards.

But what concerning TF cards? As it ends up, few individuals learn about TransFlash (TF) Card.

Today, we are right here to supply you with information regarding the TF card as well as just how it varies from an SD card. Without more hold-up, allow us obtain right into it.

What is an SD Card?

SD card

Before beginning with the TF card, allow us initially review its precursor, the SD Card (Secure Digital Card). The SD card was created and also released collectively by SanDisk, Panasonic, as well as Toshiba.

The SD card, with measurements of 32 x24 x2.1 mm, was as soon as among the tiniest storage space tools. Nowadays, you can primarily see SD cards made use of in Digital SLRs or camera.

However, as time passed, the SD card was as well large for tiny mobile gadgets such as cellular phone, tablet computers, and also mobile sound input/output tools. This is why a TF card was presented.

What is a TF Card?

tf card

A TF card is generally a tiny variation of an SD card with comparable capability. This card is likewise understood as a microSD card.

A TF, or a TransFlash card was established and also released by SanDisk as well as Toshiba in2004 As a result of its measurements (11 x15 x1mm), this card is just one of one of the most extensively utilized tiny storage space gadgets.

After the purchase of SD Association, the name TF card was formally transformed microSD card. And also as time proceeded the microSD card obtained a great deal of renovations, such as enhanced storage space as well as assistance for numerous data styles.

Although microSD card is a follower to older TF cards, we still see TF cards being utilized on various other smaller sized tools such as dashcams, or GPS tools.

MicroSD cards primarily functioned as storage space gadgets for little mobile gadgets such as mobile phone, tablet computers, or audio output/input tools. To this day, the majority of modern-day mobile phones have a port to put a microSD card.

Some Similarities Between a SD Card as well as a TF Card

SanDisk created both the SD card and also the TF. Apart from that, both SD card and also TF card are commonly utilized in tiny mobile gadgets as storage space. The TF card is smaller sized than the SD card, both card shops information on a NAND chip and also uses wonderful read as well as compose rate.

That’s all there are to the resemblances. We can just locate a couple of parallels in between an SD card and also a TF card due to the fact that they are 2 various cards utilized for various factors. If you desire to contrast a TF card to a microSD card, which we have actually done better listed below in the post, we can hardly locate striking distinctions.

Some Key Differences Between a TF and also an SD Card

Now that we are finished with the resemblances, allow us get involved in the distinctions.


As reviewed over, the SD card was created as well as introduced by a joint collaboration in between SanDisk, Toshiba, and also Panasonic. In the late 1990 s.

SanDisk and also Toshiba created a portable variation of an SD card as well as called it the TransFlash card in2004

Later, the maker altered the name from TF card to microSD card. They additionally included functions such as SDIO interaction setting.

Physical Dimension

physical dimension

The SD card was thought about among the tiniest storage space tools of its time, with a measurement of 32 x24 x2.1 mm Due to small gadgets being preferred, the SD card was simply as well huge.

Therefore, the TF card with measurements 11 x15 x1mm was established to conquer this concern.


SD cards are mainly utilized in tools such as electronic cams, camera, Digital SLRs, configuration boxes, and so on

As for TransFlash cards, these storage space tools are developed to suit smaller sized mobile gadgets such as cellphones, rush webcams, GPS tools, and so on


SD card lock

The SD card has a physical lock on among the longer sides. Transforming this lock safeguards the card from being composed on or erased.

As of today, the TF card or the microSD card does not included a physical lock that supplies create security.

Storage Size

Depending on the SD card suffix, like, SDSC, SDHC, the SD card, as well as the microSD card provide a range of storage room.

The TF card supplied an optimum storage space dimension of 128 GB. As time advanced, microSD cards as well as SD cards had some significant renovations in storage space capability.

Depending on their storage space dimension, you can discover 4 kinds of SD cards as well as microSD cards out there.

SDSC (Secure Digital Standard Capacity)

Standard capability Secure Digital cards sustain storage space approximately 2GB Considering that these cards were the initial out there after MMC (MultiMediaCard), enhancement was yet to be done.

SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)

The SDHC card was generally variation 2.0 of the SDSC cards. The High ability SD as well as TF (microSD) cards had a storage space capability of 2GB to 32 GB Variation 2.0 likewise provided a high transfer rate of up to 25 MB/s.

Besides this, the SDHC chips were preformatted with FAT32 data system.

SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity)

SD cards and also microSD cards with Extended Capacity provided storage space ability as much as 2TB Together with this, when launched, SDXC (variation 3.01) used Ultra High Speed (UHS) with rates from50 MB/s to 104 MB/s.

SDUC (Secure Digital Ultra Capacity)

Ultra Capacity spec of the SD card and also microSD cards provided storage space ability as much as 128 TB In addition to this, the information transfer rate was virtually 1GB/s.

Cross Compatibility

microSD to SD card adapter

Talking regarding compatibility, the SD card as well as MicroSD (TF) card have different-sized ports. You can not merely place a microSD, or TF, card on an SD card port or the other way around.

However, you can place a microSD card right into an SD card adapter as well as insert this adapter right into an SD card port. Due to its bigger dimension, there is no means you can place an SD card right into a microSD card port.

So to sum it up, an SD card and also a TF card are 2 various cards utilized for 2 various objectives. TF card was presented as a mini variation of an SD card. And also as time advanced, the name microSD card changed words TF card.

Below, we have a table that provides all the distinctions in between an SD card as well as a TF card.

SD Card TF card
Developed by SanDisk, Toshiba, as well as Panasonic SanDisk as well as Toshiba
Dimension 32 x24 x2.1 mm 1×15 x1mm
Storage ability Support as much as 128 TB Supports approximately 128 GB
Uses Digital SLR, camera dashcam, cellular phone
Compatibility Not suitable with the microSD card port Compatible with microSD along with SD card port
Security Contains a physical lock that sustains create security
Alias microSD card
SDIO Support SDIO interaction Does not sustain SDIO interaction
Comparison in between an SD Card and also a TF Card

Key Comparison Between TF Card and also a MicroSD Card

Although a TF card as well as microSD card are mainly comparable in regards to physical dimensions as well as compatibility, there are a couple of distinctions.

One secret distinction is the microSD card sustains SDIO interaction. This suggests that it can be made use of to promote GPS monitoring, while the TF card can not.

Besides this, the optimum offered dimension for a TF card is 128 GB, whereas a mini SDUC card sustains as much as 128 TB.