What Is System Idle Process And Why Is It Using High CPU?

Have you ever before inspected the Windows Task Manager on your computer system just to discover something called the “ System Idle Process” using up a remarkably huge quantity of your CPU? Maybe occupying to 99% of your CPU sometimes. What is System Idle Process and also do you require to fret regarding it?

The System Idle Process isn’t something you require to stress over. It is a safe placeholder procedure that your computer system invokes when its CPU has absolutely nothing else to do Put simply, it is a step of just how much of the CPU is really complimentary right now.

You can consider the System Idle Process as your computer system puddling its thumbs. Why does it require to do this? As well as can it be a hassle? Is it the reason that your computer system is slow-moving? We will certainly check out all these inquiries and also even more in this post.

What Is System Idle Process?

The only function of the System Idle Process is to maintain the CPU hectic and also busy with something while it has absolutely nothing else to do. Without it, your computer system might possibly ice up

The System Idle Process, like the name recommends, is a still string that the OS scheduler runs when your computer system is still. This maintains the CPU inhabited and also running. The minute you feed it with some real computational job, it will certainly change the still string as well as obtain implemented.

So you will certainly need to check out the System Idle Process in a counter user-friendly way. As opposed to thinking about it as a procedure consuming a specific portion of your CPU, consider this piece it seems utilized as the quantity of CPU that is in fact cost-free to do a job.

That is, if all the programs presently running in your computer system are utilizing 15% of the CPU, the System Idle Process will certainly seem utilizing 85% of the remainder.

The easiest method to think about the System Idle Process is with the example of thumb puddling. You could have observed individuals with this behavior, or you could have it on your own. Puddling your thumb offers no objective particularly. It maintains your mind inhabited as well as cost-free of stress and anxiety while you have absolutely nothing else in specific to do.

The System Idle Process has actually belonged of Windows given that the intro of the Windows NT os back in1993 Unix/Unix-like systems have a straightforward procedure that runs in a somewhat various way.

What is system idle process

How the System Idle Process Works as well as Why It Is Necessary?

We’ve discussed that the System Idle Process stops your computer system from cold. Just how precisely does it do this?

Each of your CPU cores carries out jobs on a line basis. When you do not have any kind of procedures running, the OS scheduler maintains a still string with absolutely no concern operating Typical strings have more than absolutely no concern. The minute, a job comes up, it presses the no top priority still string out of the line up and also obtains focused on.

As quickly as the job is total, a brand-new still string changes it. Having a still string available guarantees that the CPU maintains running as well as does not ice up. It additionally guarantees that the CPU will certainly prepare at a minute’s notification, when you will certainly require it to execute some procedure.

How to Check the System Idle Process?

To inspect the System Idle Process on your computer system, comply with these actions:

  1. Open Windows Task Manager by pushing Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc or by clicking Start, keying “Task Manager” as well as picking it.
  2. Click on “More Details” at the end of the Task Manager.
  3. Click on the “Details” tab on top of the Task Manager.
  4. You will certainly see a listing of in-depth procedures Click the “CPU” header to detail the procedures in the order of CPU use. If there aren’t a great deal of procedures running in your computer system right now, you will certainly discover the System Idle Process someplace on top.

    list of detailed processes

Is the System Idle Process Making Your Computer Slow?

If your computer system is running a little sluggish since late, it is simple to see System Idle Processor as the offender. It does show up to be utilizing up a horrible whole lot of your CPU. As we’ve covered in the earlier areas of this write-up, the System Idle Process does not actually do anything. no, System Idle Process is not making your computer system slow-moving

How to manage a Slow computer?

If your computer has actually reduced there can be a few other factor behind it. Prior to you attempt anything challenging, you need to initially attempt disabling unneeded start-up procedures and also carrying out a tidy reboot of your computer system. Adhere to these actions:

Disable start-up procedures as well as tidy boot your computer

  1. Click on Start Kind System Configuration as well as pick it. Press Windows+ R, kind msconfig and also click on Okay.

    Go to system configuration
  2. In the General tab of System Configuration, pick “ Selective start-up“. Uncheck the “Load start-up products”.

  3. In the Services tab of System Configuration, check “ Hide all Microsoft solutions“. Click on “ Disable all“. Click ‘Apply’ and afterwards OK.

    Hide all Microsoft services
  4. Press Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc to open up the Windows Task Manager. In the Task Manager, most likely to the Startup tab.

    Task Manager, go to the Startup tab
  5. For all the start-up refines that you do not truly require to open at start-up, right-click as well as choose Disable.
  6. Restart your computer system.


System Idle Process isn’t truly the bad guy we make from it. However, we discussed over just how it is a valuable procedure that stops your computer system from cold.

If you feel your computer system reducing, there can be a few other factor. In some way disabling System Idle Process will certainly not fix your concern. It might lead to even more issues.